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Renting a car in Malaga is essential to those who want to make a trip to Spain a real adventure.

You can drive all over Andalusia. See Seville, Seville Cathedral, the Giralda bell tower, and real flamenco. Visit the Moorish Palace of Alhambra in Granada and the colourful stalls of street vendors. Jerez de la Frontera is the city where the famous sherry is made and where the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix takes place. Drive to ancient Cádiz with its museums and castles and to young Malaga, which is a real beach paradise.

You can also visit one of the “white cities” (Pueblos Towns), such as Ronda, to see the old Moorish town with perfectly white walls, bright roofs, and magnificent churches.

Renting a car in Malaga is a great way to see the south of Spain on your own.

How to rent a car at a reasonable price

You can also look for a car to rent when you arrive in the city or at the airport. But most tourists prefer to rent a car online because it is convenient and helps you save money. 

If you rent a car in advance, you will not spend your precious vacation time looking for a car rental — we have already taken care of everything, and a car rental representative is waiting for you with the keys at the airport exit.

When booking a car online, you can consider many more offers, read carefully all the rental terms, and choose the most attractive offer.

Rental terms

Documents required to pick up a car:

  • Driver’s license
  • ID or passport
  • Bank card

When booking a car, please note that the rental time is not counted in hours, but in days. That is, if you picked up the car on Monday at 11 am and dropped it off on Tuesday at 12 pm, you will pay for two days.


There are paid and free parking spaces in Malaga, but you had better not to count on free parking in the city centre. On the one hand, there are often no available spaces. On the other hand, even the free parking lots come with a time limit (indicated on the sign).

Paid parking lots are marked with a blue line on the pavement with a bright blue parking meter net to it. The green line means that parking lot is for residents only. The parking fine is up to €200.

Gas stations

There are no gas stations with bad fuel here — you can use any.

There are few gas stations on the highway, so you had better not take the risk of a long trip “with the last drops” of fuel in your tank. You can easily find them by a large sign with the word “Servicio” on it and symbols representing other available services at the gas station: car wash, store, and repairs. They are usually located off the road, so you have to drive around at road junctions.

Traffic regulations

Spain has very good roads. The pavement is of high quality, the signs are visible from afar and are always repeated (wherever you turn your head, you’ll see the sign).

Speed limits: 

  • 50km/h in the city 
  • 90km/h outside the city
  • 120km/h on expressways. 
15.09.2023 21:02

If the car has no deposit listed, does that mean there is none?

Iryna (Localrent)
16.09.2023 10:53

Hello! Yes. Cars with no deposit by default are specifically marked as “No deposit” cars. In this case, you pay only for the rental according to the calculation in the booking form.

04.02.2023 16:35

Good afternoon. How are the damages to the car documented?

Iryna (Localrent)
04.02.2023 18:12

Hello! We recommend that you carefully inspect the car from all sides (paying special attention to the parts with damages/scratches), make notes of the existing damages in the car acceptance certificate, and take photos.

12.09.2022 10:03

Hello! Is a child safety seat required for an 8-year-old?

Iryna (Localrent)
12.09.2022 14:31

Hello! Kids up to 135 cm tall, which means roughly up to 12 years of age, must travel in a child safety seat appropriate for their age and weight.