Car rental in Ibiza

Trendy beaches, nightclubs, top DJs are the heart of the world's most famous party island. But Ibiza also has a soul. And you can touch it in many ways: wake up early and watch the beautiful sunrise at Cala Nova beach, visit the Can Marsa cave where pirates used to hide their treasures, and enjoy the sunset at the Es Vedra viewpoint. The island is a great place to fit a variety of activities into one short vacation. And the most convenient way to do it is to rent a car.

With a rental car, you don't have to pay for taxis, adjust to public transport schedules or travel with the crowds by tour buses. Only freedom and comfort.

Where is best to book a car


Most tourists visit Ibiza in summer. The climate on the island is good all year round, but most young people have holidays in summer and this small island is the Party Capital after all. So, booking early is the key to getting a good car at a reasonable price.

You can book a car from a reliable local rental company on our website. Advantages of this offer:

  • good selection of cars at good prices;
  • you know the total price of the order in advance, before finalising your booking, and this price will not increase;
  • small advance payment of 15-20% of the order amount;
  • the deposit is noticeably lower than the market average. You can rent some cars without a deposit.
  • user-friendly website and support in several languages.

How many days to rent a car on Ibiza

It all depends on your preferences and plans. You can visit all the island's top attractions in two or three days. But if you want to take a leisurely trip to visit various beaches, non-trivial places, and see the best views, you should rent a car for 7-10 days.

Required documents to rent a car on Ibiza

You will need:

  • ID or passport;
  • Category “B” driving license;
  • Bank card.

The minimum driver’s age is 22 years, the minimum driving experience is 2 years.

Which car is right for your trip

For trips from your hotel to the beach and restaurants during the high season when Ibiza is full of tourists, the best option would be a compact car. It's easier to park.

If you are planning to see the natural beauty of Ibiza, opt for a mid-size car or crossover.

For clubbing and partying, consider renting a luxury car, perhaps a convertible. The only disadvantage is that the driver will have to be sober.

Traffic regulations on Ibiza

Pay attention to the speed limits. No more than 120 km/h on expressways; no more than 90 km/h outside the city. Do not exceed 50 km/h and drive even slower in the city. Pedestrians are often careless in the Clubbing Capital. 

The police pay attention to unbuckled seat belts, talking on a mobile phone while driving, and transporting children without a special child seat. 

The Ibiza police are generally friendly towards tourists, but you had better avoid drink driving. This is where police stop being ‘friendly’.

Parking on Ibiza

Paid parking lots are marked with a blue line on the pavement. When you see one, look for a parking meter nearby, pay in cash and put the ticket under the windshield. Do not exceed the paid time, the police patrols check the tickets. 

You can find free parking lots on the outskirts of towns and near some beaches. You can park on the blue lines for free at night and at weekends. 

DO NOT park: 

  • Under a VADO sign;
  • After a "No Parking" sign;
  • On yellow marking on the pavement.

If you really need to stop at a wrong place for a few minutes, you can switch on the hazard warning lights.

Places to visit on Ibiza

You can enjoy the view of Es Vedra Island from the southwestern end of Ibiza. It is a mythical place, with myths featuring both ancient sirens and rather recent UFOs. 

The Ses Salines Natural Park with salt lakes, cliffs, and creamy sand beaches is in the south-east of the island. There are 210 bird species nesting there.

In the north of the island is the Punta Moscarter Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse resembling a giant candy cane. There’s a very scenic trail leading to the lighthouse. 

In the island's capital, you can visit the Ibiza Castle (Castell de Eivissa) built in the 12th century. It is beautiful during the day and looks very cosy when illuminated in the evening. 

Be sure to visit the popular Aquarium Cap Blanc in a natural cave. It is located in the town of San Antonio Abad. For just €5, you can see how sea turtles are treated, nursed, and released back into the wild. 

And, of course, if you rent a car, you can drive to the Cala Salada beach, which is not advertised for tourists but is loved by locals. Come early to this beach in high season. Here you can dive off rocks into the turquoise water and eat delicious paella.