Car rental in Cambrils

If you want to add some real adventure to your vacation in Cambrils, — walk among the mountain peaks, descend into the ancient caves, walk along the streets of old towns, have a picnic by the lake at sunset and drive the coast road enjoying the fresh breeze, — you should rent a car. With a car, you can easily pack you short vacation with a lot of fun.

Benefits of renting on our website

  1. Offers from the best car rentals in one place. You don’t need to view different websites with different interfaces, pricing options, fine print of terms and conditions. We have everything written in large print and simple language.
  2. Absolutely transparent pricing. All prices on the website are effective at the time of booking. We include the order price in the voucher.
  3. The advance payment at checkout is 15-20%. You pay the remaining amount when you pick up the car.
  4. The standard insurance is already included in the price.
  5. Our customer service is fast, knowledgeable, and always ready to help with any issue. 

What you need to rent a car 

You will have no problems with renting a car in Cambrils, if you are 22 years old and your driving experience is more than 2 years. 

You’ll need only three documents:

  • ID or passport;
  • National driving license;
  • Bank card.

Before booking a car, make sure your documents are not expired.

How many days is best to rent a car in Cambrils

It depends on your plans and preferences. 

If you want a mostly beach holiday with a couple of trips in the open air and a day trip to Barcelona, you can rent a car for 2-3 days. It will be quite enough to add new experiences to your relaxed vacation. 

But if you want to see more, — travel around all the major local attractions, taste the traditional Spanish food, and make the most of your trip, — you need a car for a week or two.

Which car to choose

If you plan to go to the mountains, you’ll need a crossover. If you only want to get to the cable way, you can rent a car of any class, including economy cars. The same goes for trips to the beaches and neighbouring towns — the roads are excellent, so you can focus exclusively on your comfort when choosing a car. 

A mid-size car is suitable for two or four people. A minivan is ideal for a large family or a group of friends with common interests and plans. 

The convertible is a classy option for driving the coast roads, admiring sunsets, and having photo sessions against the background of the sea and mountains. 

Traffic regulations in Spain

If you've driven around Europe before, there's nothing that might surprise you in the traffic rules in Cambrils. Speed limits are standard:

  • up to 50km/h in the town;
  • up to 90km/h outside the town;
  • up to 100km/h on expressways;
  • up to 120km/h on toll roads. 

Seat belts must be worn, the police are strict about it.

A child up to 135 cm tall and under 12 years of age must ride in a child seat only. 

You can only talk on your mobile phone using a hands-free system. 


Cambrils is a popular resort, so it is extremely difficult to find a free parking space in the town in high season. If you plan to rent a car on vacation, opt for hotels with their own parking.

There are plenty of paid parking lots. Parking rates start from 1 €/hour to be paid at parking meters.

Where to go by rental car

Cambrils is a small town with a rich 800-year history, so it has more to offer than just beaches. Historical wonders include the 11th century Vilafortuny Castle, 15th century Church of St. Mary, 20 km from the town, and the castle-style medieval monastery (Castell Monestir d’Escornalbou). 

You can drive to Montbrió del Camp and bask in the famous thermal springs. Have a picnic at the Siurana reservoir. Watch the sunset at the remote bay of Cala Penya Tallada.

You should also visit Reus or Barcelona. Those are the most beautiful cities in Spain with a wide variety of entertainment for all tastes.