Car rental in Croatia

Renting a car to have a true journey around Croatia is not just a good idea, it's a great idea. With a car, you can easily fit into a short vacation some leisure time on the beach, driving to the mountains, walks through ancient towns, dinners in authentic restaurants, and driving along panoramic coast roads. Travelling around Croatia by car is a feast for the heart!

To avoid wasting precious travel hours searching for a suitable car, it's best to find and book a car in advance online.

If you want to save money on car rental, book your car well in advance: the earlier you do it, the wider the choice and the lower the prices.

5 benefits of booking on localrent

  1. Current and accurate rental prices and optional extras. The price is fixed at the time of booking in the voucher.
  2. When placing your order, you make an advance payment of 15-20%, and you pay the rest when you pick up your car.
  3. You can pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another one.
  4. The website is user-friendly and intuitive. All the conditions are written in simple language.
  5. Customer service is there for you any day and in any situation.

The most popular cities for car hire in Croatia

Picking up and dropping off

You pick up your car at a location and time of your choice.

You can meet the rental agent either in the city or at the airport.

  1. Inspect the car carefully and mark any existing damage on the inspection diagram. 
  2. Take photos or record video of the car, just in case.
  3. Read and sign the agreement, pay the rest of the order price and make a deposit (if required). 

It usually takes about 15 minutes.

The car drop-off takes even less. Arrive on time, in a clean car, with the agreed amount of fuel in the tank. You hand over the keys, and the rental agent inspects the car and signs your copy of the drop-off report. If the deposit is not refunded immediately in cash, please keep all documents until you receive your money back.

Traffic regulations and fines in Croatia

In this country, traffic regulations are not much different from those in the rest of Europe, most roads are in good condition, and traffic police rarely stop drivers. However, it is still important and necessary to observe the traffic regulations. Both for safety reasons and to avoid paying hefty fines. There are many speed cameras on the roads.


In Croatia, free parking can be found outside central parts of major cities and popular resorts.

In the centres of large cities, parking is chargeable. You can pay at a kiosk, at a parking meter, via text message or in a mobile app.

Toll roads

The major cities in Croatia are connected by toll roads. They can be recognised by large green signs and the boom barrier at the entrance. You can pay in cash or by card.

Most toll roads have toll-free alternatives.

Petrol stations in Croatia

There are many petrol stations in the country but they are unevenly distributed. In Croatia, you will have no problem refuelling in large cities and on major highways but it is a good idea to fill up with extra fuel when travelling in remote areas.

At large petrol stations, you can usually not only fill up but also relax, have a snack and a coffee.

Places to visit by a rental car

Be sure to explore scenic old Zagreb. It is one of the few places on earth where you can walk through the ancient streets at dusk and see the lamplighter manually lighting the street lamps.

The car will take you up to Sljeme, the highest peak of the Medvednica range. You'll enjoy gorgeous scenery, explore Medvedgrad Castle, and finally, have dinner in one of the mountain chalets surrounding the castle, which serves homemade Croatian food.

An hour's drive from the capital is the Plešivica wine region where you can taste the famous red wines. Plan an overnight stay because there's no way you can resist wine tasting!

Be sure to go to Plitvice Lakes, take selfies against the waterfalls, and order a trout dinner at the restaurant.

Krka National Park is one of the most interesting places along the coast, with crystal clear sea, steep mountain slopes, famous Skradinski Buk waterfall, medieval fortress, and... a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Don't miss the amazing town of Kaštela, which is an agglomeration of seven villages. Each has its own ancient fortified castle!

And of course, the Croatia experience wouldn't be complete without some leisure time at a top beach in Brela (according to Forbes).