Car rental in Mallorca

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Incredible Mallorca is too beautiful to spend your entire vacation on the beach scrolling through social media. This is the place to rent a car and embark on your own incredible adventure.

The town of Arta is a must-see where you can walk along its narrow streets, enjoy the echoes of the Middle Ages, and see the karst caves. Drive to Cap de Formentor where the mountains meet the sea. Walk to the Sanctuary Sant Salvador to experience the grandeur and power of this sacred place.

This is not a small island, so you had better rent a car to see all places of interest at your own pace. No rush for the bus, no early rises, no crowds of tourists coming with you on the same tour. Rental car means freedom and comfort.

Why rent a car on our website

Localrent is an aggregator of small local car rentals. Their offers are collected and sorted by price on the website, so you can easily compare your favourite options and book the one with the most reasonable price.

Our prices are strictly in line with what is quoted, and you know the final price before you book a car. This price is fixed when you pay in advance, i.e. the price will not change by the time you pick up your rental car.

How long is best to rent a car

It all depends on your plans. Renting a car for 2-3 days for a few trips will be the perfect addition to your vacation on the beach. And if you are planning to visit the most famous beaches, check out the cuisine of different restaurants along the way, and make the most of sightseeing, you should rent a car for the whole vacation. 

You can pick up and drop off the rental car directly at Palma de Mallorca Airport. This way, you will save on taxis and get you to your destination in comfort.

Documents and insurance

To rent a car in Mallorca, you will need: 

  • Foreign passport 
  • Category “B” driving license
  • Bank card 

Does an experienced driver need insurance? In Mallorca, roads are excellent, drivers are polite, and accidents are quite rare. Standard insurance is already included in the price of your booking. Should you buy a more comprehensive insurance? It's up to you. If you want to feel more confident on narrow roads and at packed car parks, buy the comprehensive insurance.

Which car to choose

It all depends on your plans for the vacation. 

An economy compact car is perfect for driving around the city and for small trips to nearby places of interest. For comfortable long journeys, opt for a mid-size car or a luxury car. A minivan is good for large groups, but only if all passengers share the same idea of a perfect vacation. A four-wheel drive crossover is ideal for the serpentines, and if you're planning a trip for two to a beautiful place for a photo session, there's no better choice than a convertible!

Traffic regulations in Mallorca


Mallorca follows Spanish traffic regulations:

  • The speed limits are 50 km/h in the city, 90 km/h outside the city, and 120 km/h on expressways.
  • Seat belts must be worn by all car occupants.
  • Kids up to 135 cm tall or under 12 years of age must travel in a proper child seat. 
  • Both of the driver's hands should rest on the steering wheel. Do not put your hands out of the car window while driving.
  • Do not drive with your bare torso, barefoot or wearing flip-flops.
  • Driver must not use headphones while driving, smoke or eat. 
  • Do not throw through the car window anything that could cause an accident (e.g. a cigarette pack).
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How to park properly on the island

In Mallorca, you can park for free if there is no “paid parking” sign and the pavement markings are white. There are often large free parking lots near attractions. 

The blue lines indicate paid parking. Pay at a parking meter with coins and remember to put the ticket on the dashboard so that it is visible. The police often check the tickets.

Parking is not allowed where the markings are yellow.

Places to visit in Mallorca

Cap de Formentor, or 'Cape of the Winds', in the northern part of the island is a must-see destination. Stunning panoramic views, a lighthouse, and beautiful beaches. 

Alcúdia, known as the medieval jewel of Mallorca. It is a very interesting old town with the ancient fortifications in almost pristine condition. 

And, of course, the Cala Mondragó National Park in the south-east of the island. You’ll see wild but pretty beaches without sun beds or umbrellas but with gorgeous white sand and natural protection from the sun under the pine trees.

10.10.2023 20:06

Good evening. How much does it cost to have the car delivered to the airport?

Iryna (Localrent)
11.10.2023 09:48

Hello! The cars are based in various locations and cities. But you can order delivery to the location of your choice. To do this, select the required location on the booking page to see the delivery cost, if any.

28.04.2023 08:43

How will I find the rental agent to pick up my car?

Iryna (Localrent)
28.04.2023 12:43

Hello! Your voucher includes contact details of rental agents (Viber, Telegram, Whats App) in the bottom left corner so that you can contact them directly for information support.

12.11.2022 14:51

Is insurance included in the price? If not, how much does it cost?

Iryna (Localrent)
12.11.2022 17:15

Hello! The TLP insurance is included in the rental price for all cars on our website. The CDW or SCDW insurance is offered at an additional cost for some cars or is not available at all. On the car’s page, you can find the insurance details and cost for the entire rental period.

19.05.2022 17:03

Hello. How many people can drive a rental car, only one or 2-3 drivers?

Iryna (Localrent)
19.05.2022 20:53

Hello! According to the terms and conditions on our website, you can include 2 drivers in your rental agreement. Please contact us at hello@localrent with further details, and our customer support team will try to help you.