Car rental in Benalmadena

If you want to include in one short vacation in Benalmádena the most beautiful beaches, the most interesting amusement parks, the most amazing natural wonders, and enjoy the cuisine of the most authentic restaurants in Spain, just rent a car. With a rental car, you can have the trip of your dream. No early rises, no rush for public transportation, and no crowds of tourists on the same bus tour. A car on a trip means ease and comfort.

Why book a car with us is a website that offers a selection of cars from the best rental companies in Spain. Finding and booking here a suitable rental car for vacation in Benalmadena is child’s play.

How to book a car:

  1. Choose pick-up city, drop-off city, and rental dates.
  2. Click on the car you like. 
  3. Add the necessary extras and insurances to your order.
  4. Specify the time and place in the city where you want to pick up/drop off the car. Fill in the driver’s details.
  5. Check the cost calculation and make an advance payment of 15-20%.
  6. Get an order voucher (sent to the specified email address). The car is booked!

Required documents 

  • ID or passport; 
  • Driver’s license (with transliteration in the Latin alphabet); 
  • Bank card. 

At the time of picking up the car, you must be 22 years old and have driving experience over 2 years.

How long is best to rent a car in Benalmadena

It all depends on your plans and capabilities.

If you want to spend your entire vacation at the nearest beach and drive only to the top-rated places for a few days, rent a car for those few days.

And if you want to plan a more dynamic vacation to check out different beaches, go to the mountains, take a walk through the capital of Andalusia, admire the views of Gibraltar (it's only 100 km away), then rent a car for a week or two. Spain has enough wonders for any vacation.

Which car to choose

Benalmadena is a modern city, so you will be quite comfortable moving around by any car that suits your needs.

A compact car is perfect for moving around the city and for small trips to nearby places of interest. 

Crossover is the best option for a trip to the mountains/ 

The minivan is good for a large and friendly company with the same plans for the vacation. 

The convertible is a classy option for coastal trips with beautiful views, sunset rendezvous and photo shoots.

Traffic regulations in Spain

Local drivers drive fast but carefully, so you won't have any problems with them.

Speed limits:

  • up to 50km/h within towns;
  • up to 90km/h outside towns; 
  • up to 100km/h on expressways;
  • up to 120km/h on toll roads.

Seat belts must be worn by all car occupants. 

A child up to 135 cm tall under 12 years of age must ride in a child seat. 

Talking on a mobile phone is only allowed using a hands-free system. 


You will have no problems with parking. There are enough paid and free parking spaces in Benalmadena. 

You can pay for a parking space at a parking meter. The parking rate starts at 1 euro/hour. Watch the time carefully so you don't exceed the limit. 

Places to visit by a rental car

Benalmadena is located in a mountainous area and offers a wide variety of trails for mountain lovers. A cable car will take you up Mount Calamorro to the altitude eagles can reach. By the way, you might actually see eagles there. It is worth a drive to the Royal Trail (El Caminito del Rey). This is, perhaps, the most fascinating place in the south of Spain.

Lovers of the ancient world should visit the karst caves (Cueva de los Botijos, Cueva de la Zorrera) where the ancient people lived.

You will find sandy beaches, gravel beaches, and palm beaches along the seafront. With well-developed infrastructure, bars and lots of entertainments or semi-wild beaches. All the beaches have parking lots nearby.

The city of Malaga is worth visiting as well. Walk around the historic centre and see the Cathedral, the Alcazaba fortress and more. Try authentic cuisine at the Atarazanas Central Marketplace (Mercado Central de Atarazanas).