Car rental in Valencia

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Renting a car in Valencia is a great way to combine a relaxed vacation on the beach with an incredible journey through the vibrant and diverse Spain. 

You can drive to the most popular beaches or get to the more secluded ones, you can explore Barcelona and Madrid or discover a small authentic village, admire the great architectural works or enjoying the beauty of nature.

Book a car on our website and go on an exciting journey. You will love beautiful Spain!

You can pick up and drop off your booked car in the city or at Valencia Airport, commonly known as Manises Airport. 

Benefits of renting on our website

  1. Localrent is an aggregator website that offers cars from different rental companies. You can quickly and easily compare different options and choose the car that suits you best.
  2. Fully transparent pricing with no markups or hidden extra charges.
  3. Standard insurance is included in the rental cost.
  4. When placing an order online you only pay a small deposit of 15-20%. You will pay the remaining amount when you pick up your car.
  5. Customer support is available to you throughout the rental period.

How long is best to rent a car in Valencia

Everything depends on your plans and capabilities. If you want to enjoy your vacation on the beach not far from your hotel and take a couple of days to drive around the nearby sights for a change, you should rent a car for only those few days. 

But if you are planning to walk around the Desierto de las Palmas Natural Park, swim in the freshwater lake of Pou Clar Gorge, feed a giraffe in Safari Aitana Wildlife Park, and shop for delicacies in Morella, you should book a car for the whole vacation. Those and other interesting places are within 100-150 km of the resort. 

Required documents


Required documents:

  • ID or passport;
  • Driver’s license with transliteration in the Latin alphabet;
  • Bank card.

Which car to choose

The city itself has unusually tight parking spaces, so if you need a car primarily for driving around the city, you had better rent a compact car. 

To drive to the mountains, you need a more powerful car with an engine capacity of at least 1.6 litres to have enough power to go uphill and use the air conditioning at the same time. 

To visit the local attractions, any car is fine, including an economy car. Focus on your own comfort. 

A large family or a group of like-minded people can rent a minivan. 

And, of course, there's nothing better than a convertible for summertime trips with magnificent views.

Traffic regulations and fines

In Valencia, the traffic flow is smooth and drivers respect the rules. Traffic lights change colour unusually fast, so you had better not proceed through the intersection when the traffic light is flashing because you are risking not getting though in time.

Watch out for cyclists. They often violate the traffic rules. 

There’s a separate lane allocated for taxis where you are not allowed to drive. 

Speed limits: 

  • 30 km/h in hotel areas
  • 50km/h in the city
  • 90km/h outside the city
  • 120km/h on expressways.

In general, the traffic regulations and road markings in Spain are very similar to those in Europe. You will adjust to the local traffic quite easily.

Toll roads

Some roads in Spain's are toll roads. When you enter a toll road, you always see a sign that says “Peaje” or “P” followed by the name of the toll road. The toll depends on the length of the stretch and can range from €1 to €10. 

If you don't want to pay, you can always use a free alternative route. The pavement on the free roads is just as good as on the toll roads, but the traffic flow is slightly slower on toll-free routes.


There are many hotels and apartments with their own parking lots in Valencia. If you are going to rent a car for the whole vacation, you had better stay in one of such hotels. There is not much difference in price between hotels with and without parking. 

Free parking lots are marked with a white line on the pavement and a “P” sign.

There are also many paid surface and underground car parks. The parking rate starts at 1 €/hour. You can pay at a parking meter. 

Places to visit by a rental car

Valencia is like a jewel in a setting of attractions. Wherever you go, you will find something worthy of your attention. 

Visit the Karst Caves of San José located 50 km from the city where you can have a boat ride along the longest underground navigable river in Europe. This is a breath-taking and incredible experience. It is best to buy tickets in advance online.

In the Sierra de Espadán Nature Park, you can walk along the mountain trails, swim, and have a picnic. 

Enjoy the views driving right through the Safari Aitana Wildlife Park located 120 km from the city. There are only two rules: do not open your windows and do not stop. You can see elephants, giraffes, donkeys, camels, and llamas here. They walk freely, without cages or enclosures, and are not afraid of tourists. 

About 140 km away from the city is the Algar Waterfalls Natural Park. A mile of aesthetic pleasure and a paradise for the lovers of marvellous selfies. You can leave your car at the park entrance. In addition to the numerous waterfalls, you will also see an ancient dam that is still in use today. Take your swimwear to swim in one of the pools.

About 150km away is the small town of Guadalest (El Castell de Guadalest) known all over the world. The town is situated high in the mountains, and it seems as if its houses are set in rock walls. It offers amazing views over the valley and the river that crosses it. Besides the delightful panoramic photos, there’s the old Castle of San José. One of its parts is Castillo del Rey that served as a treasury. The other part is Peñón de la Alcalá, known as the white tower or bell tower, located on top of the mountain. Climb there for the exclusive view over the groves of almond trees.

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Hello! Can I add the second driver, if this option is not listed in the car description?

Iryna (Localrent)
09.08.2023 15:35

Hello! Yes. Please contact us at [email protected], and our customer support team will add the required option to your booking.

31.05.2023 15:09

Good afternoon! My flight is delayed. How can I change my pick-up date?

Iryna (Localrent)
31.05.2023 18:16

Hello! To change your booking details, please send an email to [email protected] with your voucher number in the subject line. In the body of your email, please explain which details you would like to change.

10.06.2022 12:45

Will the child safety seat be available?

Iryna (Localrent)
10.06.2022 18:10

Hello! Yes, the child safety seats will be provided as per your voucher.