Car rental in Menorca

Menorca is too beautiful to spend your entire vacation on the same beach by the hotel. If you want to enjoy this marvellous island to the full, you should visit its huge caves, medieval fortresses, and ancient megaliths. Menorca is the place where you can rent a car and have your own unique trip.

You will not have to adjust to the bus schedules, look for available taxis or spend money on guided tours. You can drive wherever and whenever you want.

How to rent a car at a reasonable price


To rent a car at the best price, you need to book it in advance. The earlier you do it, the more and better options you will have. This applies to any time of year because it’s always warm on Menorca and tourists come here all year round. 

Benefits of renting on our website:

  • Offers from various local rental companies are collected and sorted by price on So, you can quickly and easily compare the options and choose what works best for you.
  • The deposit is lower than the market average.
  • The advance payment is 15-20% of the order price. You pay the remaining amount only after you inspect the car.
  • Website and support in several languages.
  • Formal agreement with the rental company.

For how long to rent a car on Menorca

It all depends on the duration of your vacation and your plans for it.

Rent a car for a couple of days if you're travelling to Menorca to explore beautiful bays, take pictures of lighthouses and megaliths or buy the local leather sandals. 

And if you want to have a fun-filled vacation bathing on different beaches, sightseeing, and dining at authentic local restaurants, you'll need to rent a car for a week or even two.

Which car is right for your trip

For short everyday trips to nearby attractions, cafés, and markets, you can rent a budget-friendly car. And if you are planning a busy trip, you’d better choose a more spacious car.

A crossover is a great option for surfers or those who like bigger cars.

A minivan is ideal for a large family or a like-minded group of friends. You only need to plan your trips in advance.

A convertible is a car for two. There’s little legroom and it’s very windy at the rear seats. Such cars often have a smaller trunk.

What you need to rent a car on Menorca

All you need is your passport, driving licence, and bank card. 

The official driving experience must be at least 2 years, the minimum driver’s age is 22 years.

Traffic regulations on the island

There are no special rules here, and the traffic regulations are the same as in the rest of Europe. Don't ignore the speed limit signs, the speed cameras are watching! 

Speed limits:

  • 50km/h in the city
  • 90 km/h outside the city
  • 120 km/h on expressways.

Buckle up! Do not throw anything out of the car windows while driving, even a cigarette butt. Do not talk on the phone without a hands-free system.

The local traffic police are very strict with drunk drivers. The maximum blood alcohol content is 0.5 ppm.

Parking on Menorca

The island sees most tourists in July and August, and the rest of the time, you will easily find an available parking space for your car near the beaches and attractions. 

The centres of major cities have paid parking lots marked with blue marking on the pavement. You need to pay at a parking meter and to put the receipt on the dashboard.

Free parking is available on the outskirts, near many beaches and attractions. 

Do not leave your vehicle at the kerb with yellow marking.

Where to go by car on Menorca

There are various beaches for every taste:

  • If you want to swim in crystal clear water and lounge on the yellow and pink sand, you should go to Cala Algaiarens, also called La Vall. This resort consists of two beaches: Platja des Bot and Platja es Tancats, which are not crowded and have almost no infrastructure. Flat shore, excellent snorkelling, free parking.
  • For cliff jumping, climbing, crab and turtle encounter tour, go to the Rafalet Beach.
  • For the best photos, go to the Macarelleta Beach. Beautiful cliffs and turquoise water where yachts seem to float in the air. This beach looks like heaven on earth. Free parking is a 15-minute walk from the bay.

Menorca is also famous for its ancient megaliths, structures made from huge, perfectly ground stones. Naveta d'Es Tudons is the largest of the surviving chamber tombs. It was built 3-4 millennia ago and is still in excellent condition. It is a must-see for those who love antiquities.

Monte Toro has a viewpoint where you can take panoramic photos and see the statue of Christ with open arms, almost like in Brazil.

You can fully experience medieval atmosphere on a tour to the Mola Fortress. You'll walk inside the fortress, go down into the underground armoury, and see real cannons. The beautiful panoramic view over the port of Mahón and the island's coastline will be a pleasant bonus.

Hiking enthusiasts should visit the enormous Cova des Coloms cave. It is an incredible, monumental place where the majesty of nature takes your breath away.

Another great place for a walk is the s'Albufera des Grau Natural Park. You will see magnificent landscapes and encounter wildlife: birds, lizards, turtles and more. 

Watch an amazing sunset at the Pont d'en Gil viewpoint.