Car rental in Fuengirola

To make the most of your vacation in one of the best resorts of Costa del Sol, you should rent a car. With a rental car, you can turn an ordinary vacation on the beach into the trip of your dream. 

Visit the Sierra de las Nieves National Park to enjoy a leisurely walk and the delicious mountain air. Drive along the coastal road and have a sunset picnic on one of the beaches. Travel to Málaga where medieval buildings meet modern life!

Choose and book your rental car on our website. Beautiful Spain is waiting for you.

5 benefits of booking on Localrent

  1. Offers from the best car rentals in one place. You can easily compare different options, read the terms and conditions, and book a car that suits you best.
  2. All prices on the website are actual and final. No hidden fees or extra charges.
  3. You only need to make a small advance payment of 15-20% when booking. You will pay the remaining amount when you pick up your car.
  4. A basic insurance is already included in the minimum price.
  5. Customer support is always there for you. Including weekends and holidays.

How long is best to rent a car in Fuengirola

It all depends on how you see your vacation in Spain. If you are planning a mostly relaxed vacation on the nearest beach with only a few short trips to the top sights, you can rent a car for just a few days.

And if you want to experience all the flavour of Andalusia: walk among the walls of medieval fortresses, admire the beautiful ports, go to the mountains, bask on the various beaches, and find out which of the many cafés has the best fried sardines... then you should rent a car for a few weeks.

Required documents to rent a car

  • Driver’s license; It can be a national driving license with transliteration in the Latin alphabet;
  • ID or passport;
  • Bank card.

You will need the originals of all documents to pick up the car.

You must be over 22 years of age and have driving experience of at least 2 years.

Ideal car for your vacation in Fuengirola

Since there's nothing extreme in terms of terrain at one of the coast's top resorts, the main thing to look out for when choosing a rental car is the comfort and the people you're travelling with. 

An economy car is good for one to three people. You will save on rent and petrol and park more easily.

Keep in mind that a compact car has a small boot. Before renting a car, make sure to compare the size of the boot and your luggage.

A mid-size car or a luxury car would be great for a group of 4-5 people.

The comfortable crossover is good for those who plan a trip to the mountains.

A large group of people traveling together can rent a minivan.

And for driving the coastal roads in style, you should rent a convertible!

Traffic regulations in Spain

Speed limits:

  • up to 50 km/h in the city;
  • up to 90 km/h outside the city;
  • up to 100 km/h on expressways; 
  • up to 120 km/h on toll roads.

Seat belts must be worn by all car occupants.

You must not talk on your mobile phone without a hands-free system.


Fuengirola offers plenty of parking spaces. You'll find them along the seafront even in high season.

The parking spaces are marked by the relevant road sign and marking on the pavement:

  • white lines — free parking spaces;
  • blue lines — paid parking spaces;
  • green lines — parking spaces for residents;
  • yellow lines — no parking allowed.

Some hotels have their own parking areas. If you plan to rent a car, this option is the most convenient.

Where to drive from Fuengirola

Fuengirola is ideal for those who love beautiful, cosy towns and outdoor activities. There are plenty of places to visit by car with incredible sunsets and lots of greenery.

First and foremost, 8 km of yellow sand beaches with easy access to the water and well-developed infrastructure. And it's not just cabanas, sun loungers and showers, but also playgrounds, play areas, bars, parasailing, surfing, diving, water skiing, and banana boat rides. 

Just outside the town is the ancient Moorish Sohail Castle built in the mid-tenth century.

The Sierra de Mijas mountain range is waiting for mountain lovers with heady mountain air, soaring birds and breath-taking photos.

And half-hour drive away is beautiful Málaga. It’s a city where you can spend a few days just walking in the streets and admiring the local architecture. It's also home to the KELIPÉ Theater & Flamenco Art Center, the port with its snow-white seaside promenade Muelle Uno, and the authentic bullfighting arena.