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About our company and us is an aggregator of local car rental companies. We find small car rentals that work only in their city, carefully choose the best ones and later on, track the quality of their work. So that customers could get the best service for the lowest price.

We have been operating since 2011 and annually serve more than 30,000 customers from all around the world.
Kirill Antoshin
CEO of
Hi there, my name is Kirill. I am founder and CEO of Localrent, a car rental broker for local rental companies. Simply put, we help our customers rent cars at small local rental companies in a matter of minutes.

Like many other entrepreneurs, my business began with an unmet personal need. While I was travelling, I often took the car from car rental companies. But I truly hated the complicated terms of the lease and did not like to read the fine print in the contracts. “Guaranteed low prices” with all the hidden fees and charges turned into a considerable amount of money.Those of you who have rented a car at least once in a global rental company understand what I mean.

In 2011, we decided to launch a service where we put the interests and safety of the clients first and not the benefits of a car rental company itself.

Full pricing transparency with all the nuances. No hidden fees or surprises. A detailed description of cars and all insurances. Everything is written in large print and simple language so that you could understand everything without a lawyer.


To place an order, you only need to pay a small advance amount of 15-20% of the price. The rest of the payment is made on site when you receive the keys to the car. In the case of any issues, we guarantee a refund.


A personal approach to every client where the owner of the rental company will often personally deliver your car.

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International car rental companies often can not provide the service of the desired quality, that is why we cooperate with small local rentals. Often this is a family business with one office and several dozens of cars. Some companies have been working in this field for 20 or even 40 years. We carefully choose our partners, personally get acquainted with each of them and track the quality of their work based on feedback from our customers.
When you rent a car in our company, you can meet or even become friends with the owner of the rental company, exchange phones with him for the future. Usually, they are extremely nice and hardworking people. In the era of huge international corporations and monopolies, you can support their small business. For me, it is a big pleasure to work with them. I believe you also going to like them.
Our team
Kirill Antoshin
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XML supervisor
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Quality control
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Juliya Yakimovich
Customer Support Manager
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Elena Butova
Supply Department
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Sergio Gushchin
Supply Department
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Maksim Terekhin
Supply Department
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Anastasiia Korneeva
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Rentals care
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Ksenia Goncharova
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Irina Aiupuva
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Kyrylo Fesenko
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Krasovskaya Nina
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Evgeniia Terenteva
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Content Manager
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Irina Tatarnikova
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Maxim Elsukov
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Oleg Dontsov
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Maksim Kuznetsov
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Juliа Korshunova
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Kirill Piskarev
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Evgenia Beldiia
Thank you for your promptness and punctuality. The car was delivered to the specified location on time and in good technical condition. The fuel tank contained 10 litres of petrol, which was enough to leave the city. The three-day trip around Georgia (Kakheti, David Gareji, Kazbegi, Mtskheta) in a rental car was comfortable.
Rented Toyota Prius in
Aleksey Galantsev
Easy-to-use website: you can see all the costs. I sent a request and received a text message from the owner. We arranged to meet, and I picked up the car without unnecessary trouble or paperwork. I travelled around Georgia and then just dropped off the car without any questions or fault-finding (of course, it is better to drive carefully).
Rented Toyota Prius in
Photo (1)
Dmitriy Belov
It's an excellent rental company. We rented a car in Tbilisi. The car was delivered to the airport. The manager insisted that we take pictures of all the chips and scratches on it. The crossover wasn't new, with 96,000 miles on the odometer, but in very good condition. We had no problems with dropping off the car. I recommend!
Rented Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in
Photo (2)
Roman Nasyrov
We booked a Toyota Prado 2009 Diesel through this company. The car was fully functional and clean. It was delivered to our address at the agreed time. We dropped it off at the airport in Tbilisi. The rental agent was in touch and answered all our questions. Thank you for the car, we will book again.
Rented Toyota Prado in
Photo (3)
Petr Yakubov
Great company, helpful team. I picked up the car quickly, and no problems with the drop-off. Right after returning the car, I received my deposit back. Thanks to all the guys.
Rented Suzuki Vitara in
Photo (4)
Aleksandr Sokolov
Excellent, convenient service. We booked a car quickly and easily, at a discount. On arrival, we received everything on time. The support service gives detailed answers to all questions.
Rented Nissan Kicks in
Photo (6)
Lyudmila Isayeva
Car rental terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand. Very reasonable deposit amount. We were pleased with the availability of TPL and CDW. Friendly and responsible English-speaking team.
Rented Toyota Corolla in
Photo (7)
Anton Danov
The company agents were very punctual and delivered the car to the specified location on time. Rental terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand. The car was in good technical condition with a clean interior. I can recommend.
Rented Kia Sportage in
Photo (8)
Aleksandr Lavrent'yev
We were on holiday in Greece, and we were recommended to rent a car only here. We rented a Seat Cordoba for 5 days, and I should say the car was excellent, the car rental was comfortable with a deposit of only €250. The car ride was pleasant, thank you so much.
Rented Seat Cordoba in
Photo (9)
Lyusya Kabanova
Great service! The car rating is 5 stars. There were no delays in the rental process.
Rented Mercedes C 180 in
Photo (10)
Mikhail Shvarts
Great service. I rented a car for 10 days. Full insurance was 2 times cheaper than at large rental companies.
Rented Toyota Aygo in
Photo (11)
Andrey Kerimov
We were more than satisfied with the services! After booking a car, I was contacted by an agent within 10 minutes who sent me a rental voucher and so on. On the day of the car pick-up, the driver called at the agreed time and delivered the car. He told everything about it, handed me the keys and "voila")
Rented Nissan March in
Photo (12)
Vladislav Shevtsov
We rented a Suzuki Swift for 5 days. Everything was fine, the car was clean, everything functioned correctly. We travelled around the island with great pleasure. I highly recommend to everyone!
Rented Suzuki Swift in
Photo (13)
Denis Fedorov
I am satisfied with the services. I will use them again in the future. Very convenient, comfortable, transparent, inexpensive.
Rented Mini Cooper in
Photo (14)
Andrey Sheleg
Intuitive car rental form. The car corresponds to the booking. I can recommend this service.
Rented Daihatsu Mira in
Photo (15)
Andrew Aleksandrovich
We rented their car. It arrived clean, beautiful, and with the full tank. The paperwork took only five minutes, after which we immediately set off to explore the island. We had no problems with the car pick-up and drop-off. The car was new, no faults at all. I recommend the service with the best conditions on the market.
Rented Mazda Demio in
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Pavel Titov
About our company and us Everything is in order and on time. Everything was fine, thank you for the quality service!
Rented Chevrolet Aveo in
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Oksana Stepanova
We rented a car in the Czech Republic and also travelled in Germany and Austria. No problems whatsoever. The car was delivered on time and collected exactly as agreed. There were no problems with the payment and refund of the deposit. If possible, we will rent a car from this company again.
Rented Kia Ceed in
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Maxim Yushchenko
Very responsive. They respond very quickly. Flexible terms. Good choice of cars in good condition. Reasonable prices. Timely pick-up and drop-off. No problem.
Rented Ford Fiesta in