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Going on vacation to Antalya and wondering whether to rent a car or relax on the beach near your hotel and take a couple of guided tours? Don't even think about it, book a car!

You can drive your rental car to Cirali, a village near a lovely bay nested among the cliffs with sea turtles and orange and pomegranate orchards all around. You can visit Olympos or any other ancient city and see the mysterious ruins of past civilisations.

It is relaxing and fun to drive here. The roads are of the same quality as in Germany but the landscapes are much more scenic. Smooth road surface, clear markings. Few police officers or radars. There are virtually no congestions at roundabouts.

What you need to rent a car

To rent a car in Antalya, you only need your national driving licence, passport, and bank card. 

The most popular cities for car hire in Turkey

Rent a car at Antalya Airport

The international airport is 10 kilometres from the city centre. So, you will need a car. And it’s more than reasonable to book it in advance, with delivery ‘by arrival’. Especially if you go on vacation during the season.

There are international car rental offices in the airport hall. This service is very popular with tourists, and not only those who have chosen Antalya as their vacation destination. People also rent cars to get to Kemer, Belek and Alanya. Which means high prices, long queues, limited choice. 

You will appreciate your decision to book a car in advance online when you pass the queue of tourists sitting ‘on suitcases’ on your way to your car.

Traffic regulations in Turkey

The traffic regulations are similar to those in Europe, with minor differences. For example, you will see “DUR” instead of “STOP”. 

You should strictly observe the speed limits and parking rules.

Toll roads

There are many toll roads in Turkey. They are convenient, inexpensive, easy to use and significantly reduce driving times when travelling long distances


There are plenty of paid parking areas, both municipal and private ones. The former are cheaper, and the latter are more affordable. As a rule, you pay in advance.

Free parking is only available near a public park, in a parking area near a shopping centre (for customers only) or in a paid car park for 15 minutes.

Petrol stations

There are many petrol stations located at every kilometre on some roads: Shell, BP, Sunpet, Lukoil. The fuel is not the cheapest in Europe but the quality is excellent.

It is easy to refuel and pay but you will need to have local money if you want to pay in cash.

The mobile service is good in Turkey.

There are three main providers: Vodafone, Turk Telekom, and Turkcell. They will be happy to offer you plans for tourists. You may find it more advantageous to use your ‘home’ provider, even though with roaming charges.

25.09.2023 16:09

Good afternoon! When booking a car, I can see the pick-up and drop-off cities, but what about the time?

Iryna (Localrent)
25.09.2023 18:21

Hello! You will be able to choose the time after you click on the “Book now” button.

02.06.2023 14:42

How much does it cost to have the car delivered to the airport?

Iryna (Localrent)
02.06.2023 17:07

Hello! The cars are based in various locations and cities. But you can order delivery to the location of your choice. To do this, select the required location on the booking page to see the delivery cost, if any.

14.02.2023 03:02

Hello! Can I rent a car from your company if I have six months of driving experience?

Iryna (Localrent)
14.02.2023 08:37

Hello! Unfortunately, no. The minimum driving experience is 1 year. We look forward to seeing you among our customers in the future.

19.07.2022 13:20

Good afternoon! At what time does a rental day end? And does the rental company charge for additional rental hours?

Iryna (Localrent)
19.07.2022 16:08

Hello! The car rental is charged for rental days, not rental hours. A part-day rental is charged as a full day. On the “Booking” tab, you will be offered to choose the time and location of car pick-up/drop-off, that is you specify the time yourself. A rental day starts at the pick-up time stated on your voucher and ends in 24 hours.