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Toll roads in Turkey in 2024

Tolls in Turkey are charged on motorways connecting major cities, on some bridges and in some tunnels. If you want, you can save money by choosing alternative toll-free roads instead of toll motorways. However, you can’t cross the Bosporus for free because there are only toll bridges and toll tunnels across the strait.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay tolls on toll roads.

In Turkey, you can’t get on a toll road and drive yourself into debt by mistake. There are large green signs indicating the available payment systems before the exit to the toll road and easy-to-notice automatic toll gates a little further down the road.

How to pay tolls

The tolling system works with automatic toll gates that detect cars and collect tolls.

Tolls are collected in 3 ways:

  1. If there’s a special HGS sticker on the car, the toll will be collected from the linked account;
  2. If an OGS transponder (tag) is installed, the tag is charged with the toll amount;
  3. If nothing is installed, the car’s license plate is tolled.

To cross the toll gate, you do not need to stop the car completely or get out of the car, just slow down to the recommended speed and drive through the appropriate toll gate. If you have an HGS sticker, use the “HGS” toll gate. If you have a transponder, use the “OGS” toll gate. Otherwise, the toll will not be collected and you will have a debt.

If you have enough money in your account, the system will immediately collect the toll and give a green light when you exit the toll road.

If you have insufficient credit on your tag’s account or the tag is not recognized, a red light will turn on. This is NOT a restrictive signal. You can drive through and pay the debt within 15 days without a fine.

The fine is 10 times the maximum toll for this route. 

Some toll roads have toll booths for those drivers who want to pay by cash or card. They are marked as “NAKiT” and “K.KARTI”.

Cars with foreign license plates can only enter the toll road if they have an HGS sticker / OGS tag and enough money in the linked account.

Almost all rental cars have HGS stickers. 

If you want to use the toll roads, please notify the rental agent in advance to activate the HGS sticker.

When you return the car, the rental agent will check the total bill for the car together with you and deduct the appropriate amount from the deposit.

If your rental car does not have an HGS sticker or an OGS tag, you can pay the toll yourself on the website of Turkish General Directorate of Highways.

Toll rates in Turkey

The toll rate depends on the vehicle category and the distance travelled.

Vehicle categories



  • Category 1 - Vehicles with two axles and wheelbase less than 3.2 meters (passenger vehicles).
  • Category 2 - Vehicles with two axles and wheelbase of 3.2 meters or more (crossovers, minivans).
  • Category 3 - Three axles (buses).
  • Category 4 - Four or five axles (trucks).
  • Category 4 - More than six axles (trucks).
  • Category 6 - Motorcycles.

Toll rates

Each toll motorway has its own toll rates. For your convenience, we will list in the table below the toll rates for the entire length of each motorway for vehicles of categories 1 and 2 and for motorcycles. You can calculate the exact toll on the website of the General Directorate of Highways.

Prices are valid for 2024. 

Motorways, Turkish lira (euro).

Motorway nameCategory 1Category 2Motorcycles
Anadolu - Akıncı (O-4)84 (2,46)97 (2,84)34 (0,99)
İzmir - Çeşme (O-32)13 (0,38)14 (0,41)5 (0,15)
İzmir - Aydın (O-31)18 (0,53)20 (0,58)8 (0,23)
Adana - Şanlıurfa (O-52)52 (1,52)56 (1,64)25 (0,73)
Niğde - Mersin (O-21)48 (1,40)59 (1,72)22 (0,64)
Istanbul - Edirne (O-3)42 (1,23)48 (1,40)17 (0,50)
Istanbul - İzmir (O-5)
bridge toll included
380 (11,11)615 (17,98)275 (8,04)
Kuzey Çevre Otoyolu (O-7)
bridge toll included
155 (4,53)235 (6,87)110 (3,22)
Kuzey Marmara Otoyolu (O-7)60 (1,75)100 (2,92)45 (1,32)
Kurtköy – Akyazı (O-4)145 (4,24)225 (6,58)100 (2,92)
Menemen - Çandarlı (O-33)90 (2,63)135 (3,95)25 (0,73)
Ankara - Niğde (O-21)210 (6,14)240 (7,02)70 (2,05)
Malkara - Çanakkale (O-6)
bridge toll included
410 (11,99)550 (16,08)105 (3,07)
Aydin-Denizli (O-31)145 (4,24)
180 (5,26)
30 (0,88)

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul

Vehicle categoryToll rate, ₺ (≈€)
135 (1,02)
245 (1,32)
625 (0,73)

15 July Martyrs Bridge (15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü / Boğaziçi Köprüsü) and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü).

From January 1, 2022, the toll is collected for both directions.

Category 2 vehicles are prohibited on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge.

CategoryToll rate, ₺ (≈€)
115 (0,44)
Category 219 (0,56)
66 (0,18)

Eurasia Tunnel (Avrasya Tüneli), Istanbul

CategoryToll rate, ₺ (≈€)

daytime (from 05:00 to 23:59)night time (from 00:00 to 04:59)
180 (2,34)40 (1,17)
Category 2120 (3,51)60 (1,75)
631,20 (0,91)15,60 (0,46)

Osmangazi Bridge, Sea of Marmara

CategoryToll rate, ₺ (≈€)
1290 (8,48)
Category 2465 (13,59)
6205 (5,99)

Çanakkale 1915 Bridge (1915 Çanakkale Köprüsü), the Dardanelles

CategoryToll rate, ₺ (≈€)
1295 (8,62)
Category 2370 (10,82)
675 (2,19)

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