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Mobile data in Turkey for tourists in 2023

Mobile service from local providers is not cheap, and you can pay even more if you buy a SIM card in a popular tourist destination. Turkish mobile service providers do not offer fixed prices for the pre-paid plans available to visitors to the country, so the prices vary greatly depending on where you buy a plan.

If you are in the country only for a few days and don't need a lot of mobile data, it's cheaper to use your existing SIM card and activate roaming.

Local mobile service providers

In 2023, the country has three major providers that offer SIM cards to all tourists: Turkcell, Vodafone, and Turk Telekom (formerly Avea).

If you are going to rent a car to travel around Turkey, it is best to connect to Turkcell. It has maximum coverage and better call quality in remote areas. For a vacation in a major city or tourist region, you can choose any provider.

Where and how to buy a SIM card

On average, SIM cards cost 250-350 Turkish Liras (~€14-19). Don't buy cheap options from unauthorised dealers, it's a scam.

You can connect to a mobile service at the airport on arrival, at a provider’s retail store in town, in large shopping centres, hotels, tourist centres, petrol stations, on the beach, and in other popular places. But... prices will differ for the same plan at different places.

You can buy the cheapest SIM cards far from popular tourist destinations. The authorised retail stores in town offer the best prices, while those at the airport, hotel, train station, and beach offer the highest prices.

You will need your ID or passport to buy a SIM card. 

Most salespeople in large telecom retail stores speak English. And if you have trouble communicating, you can use Google Translator. Wi-Fi is free in most telecom retail stores.

If you did NOT buy your smartphone in Turkey, you can use Turkish mobile service for 120 days only. After this period, local mobile service will be locked for your phone. 

You can unlock it by paying a tax of 6,091 Turkish Liras (~€215). This rule does not apply to a SIM card with enabled roaming.

Plans for tourists

If you are staying for a long time or plan to use lots of mobile data, it is best to buy a local SIM card with a suitable plan.

Only pre-paid plans are available for tourists.


This provider has the maximum coverage: 2G is available nationwide, 3G in 95% of the country, and 4G in all major cities. Turkcell is ideal for travelling in a rental car.

The Tourist Welcome Pack costs 349 Turkish Liras (~€19). The first month of use includes 20 GB and 200 minutes of local calls. Mobile data above the plan is ₺1.8 per 100 KB.

Once you have used up the mobile data or after 30 days of using your SIM card, you can activate a plan that suits you best. 

The price of mobile data per month:

  • 4 GB – ₺75 (~€4);
  • 6 GB – ₺80 (~€4-5);
  • 8 GB – ₺85 (~€5);
  • 22 GB – ₺155 (~€9).

Install your provider's app on your smartphone to monitor your data usage, activate new plans, and top up your balance online.


2G is available nationwide (except the desert and the eastern mountains), 3G in all populated places, and 4G in all major cities and popular resorts.

After purchasing a Vodafone SIM card, you must activate a mobile data plan, otherwise you will be charged at the standard rates.


The price is ₺0.02 per 100 KB.

A SIM card with the starter plan (Turist Kolay Paketi) costs 300-350 Turkish Liras (~€16-19). It can be activated only once and is valid for 28 days. It includes 20 GB, 750 minutes, and 1,000 local SMS.

Once the plan has expired or when all the mobile data has been used up, you can buy another plan.

The price of mobile data per month:

  • 5 GB – ₺74 (~€4);
  • 10 GB – ₺84 (~€5);
  • 15 GB – ₺94 (~€6).

Turk Telekom


Although this provider has the smallest number of users, the quality of mobile service is good. 

You will need to buy a Turk Telekom SIM card and activate a suitable plan.

SIM cards cost from 250 Turkish Liras (~€14). 

Plans per week:

  • 5 GB – ₺45 (~€3);
  • 10 GB – ₺55 (~€3);
  • 15 GB – ₺70 (~€4).

Plans per month:

  • 1 GB – ₺29 (~€2);
  • 3 GB – ₺45 (~€3);
  • 4 GB – ₺59 (~€3-4).

Free internet in Turkey

Free Wi-Fi is available at the airport, in many cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, and even at some large beaches. Hotels, on the other hand, often offer free internet only in the lobby.

To connect to the free network, you will need a phone number to receive a text message with your password.

So, you will need a local SIM card or your national SIM with SMS roaming.

How to save mobile data when travelling

  • Download the video in advance in the free Wi-Fi area.
  • You can also download maps for your navigator to use offline.
  • Disable automatic photo and video upload to your cloud storage.

Rent a car in Turkey

If you want to travel around this beautiful country by car, you can book a rental car in advance directly on our website. A rental agent will deliver it to the right place at the right time.