Car rental in Izmir

Izmir is a beautiful and cosy city but it doesn't have as many attractions as Istanbul or even Antalya. You can't do without a car here because most interesting places are 40-80 kilometres away.

One of such places is the town of Çeşme, 80 km from Izmir. A heavenly place with beautiful and clear bays surrounded by fig groves and anise fields. The sights include the ancient Genoese fortress and the Caravanserai. On the way to Çeşme, you will come across the Balçova Hot Spring, a place for recreation.

40 km from Izmir is the Karabel Pass with the Hittite relief (Hitit Kabartması) carved in the rock. You can watch flamingos and pelicans at Izmir Bird Paradise Nature Reserve, 40 km away.

In Izmir, you will need a car for trips to the beaches and local outlet stores for cheap shopping. It is fun to drive in the city with good roads no traffic jams.

The most popular cities for car hire in Turkey

What you need to book a car

  • Driving license
  • ID or passport
  • Bank card

The minimum driver’s age is 22 years, the minimum driving experience is 2 years.

Traffic regulations in Izmir

There are only a few traffic police checkpoints. The traffic is monitored by video cameras located literally everywhere. So, it's best to avoid violating the traffic regulations. Fortunately, this won't be difficult because the traffic regulations here don't differ too much from those in the rest of Europe. Watch the speed limit signs carefully. You can exceed the speed limit by no more than 10% or you will be fined.

Toll roads in Turkey

Expressways, some bridges and tunnels in Turkey are toll roads. The toll is collected at special gates that recognise cars as they pass through, read a special sticker, transponder or licence plate, and charge the toll.

If you want to drive a rental car on toll roads, let the rental agent know in advance so that they can activate the payment system.


Most car parks in the city are chargeable and marked with an “Otopark” sign. You pay to the attendant wearing a yellow vest.

Petrol stations

There are numerous petrol stations in and out of the city. There are also many petrol stations on the highways. Fuel prices vary within 10%. Payment is accepted both in cash and by card.

Mobile service

If you need a local SIM card, you can get one at the office of the following providers: Vodafone, Avea or Turkcell. It is not a good idea to buy SIM cards on the street.