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Renting a car in Porto offers the convenience of taking a short drive around the city or an incredible journey through Portugal from north to south. 

Drive up into the mountains to breathe in the fresh, delicious air, watch the sunset at the lighthouse overlooking the sea, enjoy a drive along the gorgeous panoramic roads, take a ride on the canals in a colourful gondola and, of course, try the local, authentic cuisine.

If you are planning a trip during high season, book your car as early as possible. This way, more cars will be available at lower prices.

A car allows you to get to the most interesting parts of Portugal quickly and comfortably without having to deal with public transport, sightseeing tours or local taxi drivers. Only freedom and a pleasant experience!

Benefits of booking on localrent

  1. Offers from the best car rentals in the city in one place. This way you can quickly and easily compare available cars and choose the best one.
  2. Transparent pricing. The price is fixed at the time of booking.
  3. The advance payment at checkout is only 15-20% of the total price. You will pay the remaining amount when you pick up your car.
  4. The basic insurance is included in the price.
  5. Customer support is available any day of the week. 

Required documents

  • Driving license.
  • ID or passport.
  • Bank card.

What is the right way to pick up and drop off the rental car?

To pick up your booked car, you will need to have your passport, driving licence, and a copy of your voucher (you can show it on your phone screen), pay the remaining amount of the order price and make the deposit (if applicable).

Please note that all available payment methods are listed on each car's booking page.

Read the agreement carefully, note any damage to the car on the inspection sheet and take photos with your phone. 

You will then receive the keys and set off on your journey. This procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes. 

The drop-off takes even less. Arrive on time in a clean car with the same fuel level as when you picked up the car. The rental agent will inspect the car and sign your copy of agreement. Be sure to keep all documents until the deposit is returned.

Ideal car for your vacation

Porto is a modern city, so any car will be okay. Choose one based on your interests. 

If you are travelling alone or with your partner and want to save a lot of money, a compact car would be fine. You will save on petrol and use for shopping not only the boot but also the back seat. 

A family can rent a more comfortable mid-size car. 

While a crossover is good for long journeys around the country and for travelling to the mountains.

Fill up with plenty of fuel before travelling to the mountains because fuel consumption increases 1.5 or 2 times when driving uphill.

A minivan is a car for a group of friends that have the same preferences and plans for the vacation. 

The classy convertible is perfect for a summer trip along the coast.

Traffic regulations in Portugal

The country's traffic regulations have no radical features but there are nuances.

Speed limits in road sections without road signs:

  • 50 km/h within towns
  • 90 km/h outside towns
  • 100 km/h on highways
  • 50 to 120 km/h on expressways.

Seat belts must always be worn. 

Be sure to switch on low beam in low visibility conditions. 

Children under 12 years of age and up to 135 cm in height must ride in a child seat in the back seat. 

You can talk on your mobile phone using a hands-free system. 

The permitted blood alcohol content is 0.49‰.


In Porto, paid car parks are mostly located in places with little space and many tourists. Pay at a parking meter and put the receipt on the dashboard.

In any other part of the city, you can safely find a free parking space along the road or in a free car park. There’s a large car park on the seafront. 

Just don't try to park in parking spaces for taxis and in places with yellow markings — fines are issued instantly.

Toll roads

There are toll roads in the country, but if you are not in a hurry, you can always find alternative toll-free roads with stops in fun little towns that have their own attractions. 

You can drive from Porto directly to Lisbon on the A1 toll road. You will reach the capital in a few hours.

Where to go by rental car

You can start with Porto, which is a city of stately bridges, red-tiled roofs, fog, and cheeky seagulls. The city is situated on the hills and surrounded by picturesque vineyards and granite cliffs — yes, this is where port wine was born. 

The Felgueiras Lighthouse (Farolim de Felgueiras) is about a 20-minute drive away. It is situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the river. This is a 10-metre monumental hexagonal granite structure with fattened seagulls circling around it. It's especially impressive at sunset! 

And 10-15 minutes away from the lighthouse is a place marked on the map as R. Heróis de França. There are some of Porto's best fish restaurants. Grilled fish and seafood, no arrogance, inexpensive and delicious. 

About 74 km from Porto is Aveiro, Portugal's Venice, where the local ‘moliceiro’ gondolas travel through the canals and fishermen's houses are painted a rainbow of colours. 

About 84 km away is Costa Nova that is popular with beach lovers and surfers. Its highlight is the houses painted in vertical and horizontal stripes. You won't find two identical ones, just as there are no two identical fingerprints.

And you should definitely visit the Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vineyards, lemon and fig trees, and port wine cellars! 

Have a nice trip!

12.09.2023 18:27

Can I pay for the rental with a bank card?

Iryna (Localrent)
13.09.2023 08:34

Good afternoon! On our website, you can make an advance payment with any card. The available options for paying the remaining amount and the deposit depend on the car you choose and can vary even for similar models. On each car’s page, you can check the available payment methods before booking by clicking on the corresponding callout text: “Payment method” (next to the deposit information) and “Why?” (in the “To pay now” section).