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Renting a car in Lisbon is a great option for those who want to spend their vacation in Portugal in a fun and comfortable way. With a car, you can create a personalised route and visit only the most interesting places discarding anything unnecessary. You won't have to get up early, wait for the tour bus, travel with the crowds of tourists, walk faster, wait again, listen to the pushy street vendors, and eat what you're given. A car gives you the most important things — comfort and freedom.

You can drive along the coast, swim in the beaches you like, try your hand at surfing, and visit the famous rock caves. Then you can plan the route to Portugal's palaces loved by tourists from all over the world, such as Pena Palace looks like it’s built from Lego. Visit medieval towns like Óbidos. They may look like Disney World but everything is authentic there: the buildings, the pavements, the markets. Portugal also has its own Venice and its own gondolas. In short, a marvellous land to explore at your own pace. 

You can pick up and drop off your rental car not only in the city but also at Lisbon Airport.

You choose convenient time and place to meet the rental agent when you place your order.

Book your car online in advance, so that when you arrive in Portugal, all you have to do is enjoy the journey.

Benefits of renting on our website

  1. Offers from different car rentals in one place. This way you can easily compare the offers and choose the best one.
  2. The website shows the current rental prices and optional services. No hidden extras or surcharges.
  3. The basic insurance policy is included in the minimum rental price.
  4. Only a small advance payment of 15-20% is required to confirm the booking. You will pay the remaining amount when you pick up your car.
  5. Responsible customer support is ready to help in any situation throughout the rental period.

How long is best to rent a car in Lisbon

It all depends on your goals and capabilities.

If you are planning to spend only a few days in Portugal's capital and want to do a bit of sightseeing, rent a car for 2-4 days and see the top sights.

And if you are planning a comfortable, experience-filled trip, rent a car for the whole vacation. Portugal is an exciting country and there is a lot to see.

Required documents

  • Bank card.
  • ID or passport.
  • Driving license.

You will need the originals of all your documents to sign the rental agreement.

Ideal car for your vacation

A compact car is good for trips around town and to nearby attractions. Such car is easy to drive and park in narrow streets, plus it saves fuel. On the downside, the boot is small and the engine is not very powerful. 

A mid-size car is suitable for travelling around the country with up to 4 people.

If you plan driving to the mountains, choose a car with an engine capacity of more than 1.6 litres.

A crossover is ideal for driving on mountain serpentines.

A minivan is a good option for a large family or group having the same plans for the vacation. But if some people want to explore the architecture and the others want to spend the vacation on the beach, you had better rent two small cars. 

A convertible is perfect for travelling along the coast. Just bear in mind that these cars have a small boot and very little legroom in the back seats.

Traffic regulations

The traffic regulations in Portugal are basically simple and familiar. But... local drivers often break the traffic rules. It is certainly not a good idea to follow their example because it is not safe and you could get a fine.

Speed limits:

  • 50 km/h in the city
  • 90 km/h outside the city on regular roads
  • 100 km/h on highways
  • 120 km/h on expressways.

All car occupants must wear seat belts. 

Drivers should switch on the low beam only in tunnels and in low visibility conditions. 

Children under 12 years of age or up to 135 cm in height must ride in a child seat only in the back seat. 

Talking on a mobile phone is only allowed using hands-free systems. 

The permitted blood alcohol content is 0.49‰.

Toll roads

In Portugal, all the main highways are toll roads. You can always use toll-free roads but if you are short on time and have grand plans, it would be convenient to use the toll roads.

Paid parking

There are many parking spaces in Lisbon but there are certainly more cars on the streets. That’s why all paid parking lots in the centre are time-limited. 

  • Red zone has a 2-hour time limit. The parking rate is €1.60 per hour.
  • Yellow zone has a 4-hour time limit. The parking rate is €1.20 per hour. 
  • Green zone has a 4-hour time limit. The parking rate is €0.80 per hour. 

Tourists can use all zones, except for the car parks with the word “residentes” next to the letter “P” on the sign. This car park is for residents only. 

You pay at a parking meter. Park your car, find the nearest meter, put the required amount of coins in it, choose a time, and press the green button. Place the receipt behind the car windscreen.

Outside the city centre, there are places where you can park your car all day.

In underground car parks, parking rates and conditions vary everywhere.

Gas stations

There are many petrol stations in the country and the fuel is of good quality everywhere. 

If you pay by card through a self-service terminal, a certain amount may be blocked on top of the fuel cost. Don’t worry, the money will be released within two weeks.

Sights and surroundings of Lisbon

If you plan to stay in the capital and want to get out and see something interesting, make sure you put the following places on your route:

  • Pena Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces in Portugal. If you can't get in because of the flow of tourists, don't feel bad about it. The beauty is actually outside.
  • Cabo da Roca is the westernmost cape of the Eurasian continent. Beyond it is just the vast Atlantic. The photos will be spectacular here! 
  • Fatima is a small town in the Santarém district. According to local legends, it was here that the Virgin Mary appeared to three children. The town is always full of pilgrims, but in May there are more of them than natives when the town celebrates the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
  • The Jerónimos Monastery is one of Portugal's seven wonders. It was founded by King Henry the Navigator in 1450. The monastery was built in the elaborate Manueline style. You can watch the sculptural details with nautical motifs forever!
  • The town of Sesimbra on the Setúbal peninsula. History enthusiasts will love the huge fort built in the 17th century. Others will simply enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the popular resort. 

Have a great trip!

09.08.2023 13:20

Hello. Do you have minivans for 8 people?

Iryna (Localrent)
09.08.2023 16:53

Good afternoon! Yes, we offer cars of this class for short-term rental on our website.

17.05.2023 10:42

Do you have a “second driver” service?

Iryna (Localrent)
17.05.2023 13:24

Hello! Some rental companies offer this option. To view the cars with this option, click “Filters” and select “The second driver in the contract”.