Car rental in Faro

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If you want to have an exciting journey around the Algarve, the southern part of Portugal, rent a car in Faro and hit the road.

A rental car will open up incredible opportunities for you. Explore old towns and Moorish villages, enjoy the might and power of the Atlantic Ocean, have a picnic at one of the scenic viewpoints, take selfies against the backdrop of red coastal cliffs and try local seafood in authentic restaurants. And all this at your own pace, without getting up early in the morning, adjusting to public transport schedules or catching up with your guide.

It's best to book a car for your trips around Portugal as early as possible. This way, you’ll have more available cars at lower prices.

Benefits of booking on

  1. Our website offers the most interesting deals from local rentals. You can choose and book a car from the comfort of your home.
  2. The website's interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Everything is written in large print and simple language.
  3. Absolutely transparent pricing. No hidden extra charges and markups.
  4. Standard insurance is already included in the rental price.
  5. Caring customer support is ready to help in any situation.

How long is best to rent a car in Faro

If you need a car only for a short trip around the Faro countryside, rent it for a couple of days. A few days is enough to see coastal cliffs and visit a couple of local villages and medieval monasteries.

But if you're planning to explore southern Portugal in detail, rent a car for a week or two. There are enough sights for any journey.

Required documents

  • ID or passport
  • Driver’s license (DL)
  • Bank card

You must have the originals of all necessary documents with you when picking up your car. Be sure to check all the expiry dates before your travel.

Ideal car for your vacation

For short trips to nearby attractions, beaches, markets, and leisure centres, any car will do, including an economy car. If you are travelling alone or with a partner, this would be a good option. Just bear in mind that such cars often have a small boot.

For a group of 3 or 4 people, it is best to choose a mid-size car with a large boot. You’ll need it when going to the market or the mall. 

A crossover is ideal for nature sightseeing.

If you want to ride in the open air, feel the wind in your hair and complete freedom, rent a convertible. But it’s a good option only if you are travelling alone or with a partner. There’s little legroom at the rear seats and it’s very windy.

A minivan is good for a large group of friends. If the holiday plan is approved and accepted unanimously, the trip will be great.

Traffic regulations in Portugal

Every country has its own nuances of driving that you should know and take into account to have a pleasant journey. 

Drink-driving is very strictly regulated in Portugal. The permitted blood alcohol content is 0.49‰.

It is prohibited to use a mobile phone or wear headphones while driving. You can use a hands-free system or a portable device with a single earpiece.

You had better observe speed limits: 

  • 50 km/h in the city
  • 90 km/h outside the city
  • 120 km/h on expressways

The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts.

Toll roads

Toll roads connect the whole country. You can always use a toll-free road but if you need to get from point A to point B quickly, a toll road would be a good solution.

Parking in Faro

Parking can be a problem in the city centre during the high season, but you can park easily on the outskirts. There is a large free car park next to the pier. 

Paid parking is easily recognisable by the “P” sign with a coin; the parking rate is usually €1 to €1.5 per hour. If there is no such sign, parking is free. 

Parking can also be paid near large shopping centres.

Gas stations

There are many gas stations on the main motorways, and the quality of the fuel is good everywhere. 

If you are going to travel to remote rural areas, you had better fill up with plenty of fuel.

Places to visit by a rental car

The Algarve is a generous and welcoming place where you can spend a lifetime. But if you don't have much time, you should definitely: 

  • Check out the gorgeous golden beaches, including Praia de Faro in the southwest and Ilha da Barretta in the south.
  • Visit the fort ruins on the outskirts of Sagres. The fort is ruined but the steep cliffs and the ocean crashing on them are a sight to behold! 
  • See for yourself that the famous Chapel of Bones at Carmo Church is not a fiction of the filmmakers but a real chapel. Its interior walls are covered and decorated with human skulls and bones of 1,250 monks with a frightening yet mesmerising symmetry. There’s an old inscription “Stop here and consider that you will reach this state, too” reminding us that everything in the world is perishable.
  • See the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Lagoons, streams, freshwater lakes, and wetlands. And a huge variety of water birds!
  • Go to Cape St. Vincent to finally see the very edge of the earth with your own eyes! 

Have a nice trip!

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Hello. Can I make a deposit with a card?

Iryna (Localrent)
18.08.2023 14:22

Hello! It depends on the car you have chosen. The available payment options for the deposit are listed on each car’s page in the “Payment methods” callout next to the information about the deposit.