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Renting a car in the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, is a great idea for those who like to travel in comfort.

You can drive along the ocean, visit authentic villages with whitewashed houses, wander amongst medieval fortresses, breathe in the delicious air of orange groves and, of course, enjoy Portuguese cuisine in local restaurants.

If you are planning a trip to Portugal during the high season, book your car in advance. This way, you’ll have more options at lower prices.

Benefits of renting on our website

  1. is an aggregator service that offers cars from different rental companies. This makes it quick and easy to find a suitable car.
  2. Transparent and clear pricing. You see the full cost estimate before making your advance payment.
  3. A small advance payment of 15-20% at the time of booking.
  4. The basic insurance is included in the price.
  5. Customer support is there for you any day of the week.

How long is best to rent a car in Algarve

It depends on your plans. If you want to have a leisurely vacation with a few short trips to the most popular spots, you can rent a car for 1-2 days. If you want a more active vacation with sightseeing in the Algarve or even throughout Portugal, you should rent a car for your whole stay in the country.

Required documents

  • ID or passport.
  • Driving license. 
  • Bank card.

Check the expiry dates of your documents before your travel.

Ideal car for your vacation

Both toll roads and free roads in the Algarve are suitable for absolutely any kind of car, including economy cars, so if you are travelling alone or with your partner, you can rent an economy car. 

For 3-4 people, rent a mid-size car, and a minivan is perfect for a large family or a very close-knit group.

If you want to go on a trip with a small group, discuss the route, timeline, wake-up time, and budget of the trip in advance. If you can’t agree on something, you had better split and rent several cars.

There's nothing like a convertible for two to drive along the coast and take selfies against a backdrop of gorgeous nature. And a crossover is perfect for a long journey through the natural wonders a group of friends.

Traffic regulations

Speed limits: 

  • 50 km/h in the city. 
  • 90 km/h outside the city.
  • 120 km/h on expressways.

Children under 12 years of age and up to 135 cm in height must ride in a child seat only in the back seat. 

Drivers should switch on low beam only in tunnels and in low visibility conditions, when the weather is rainy or foggy. 

All car occupants must wear seat belts. 

You can only talk on the phone using hands-free systems. 

The permitted blood alcohol content is 0.49‰. 

Toll roads

There are toll roads in the region. You can use them or choose a free road where you will drive slower but with spectacular views. 

The toll rate is about €1 per 10 km.


There are free and paid parking spaces. When parking your car, look carefully at the signs.

You can pay for parking at a parking meter. Put the receipt on the dashboard.

Do not park in disabled parking spaces or near yellow markings. Your car can be towed, it's strictly regulated here. 

Gas stations

There are plenty of gas stations. You will find 95 and 98 petrol and diesel. Liquified petroleum gas stations are designated as LPG. It is allowed to transport fuel in cans.

Where to go by rental car

The greatest attraction in the Algarve is the ocean. It's beautiful at any time of year or day, you can watch it forever! The southwesternmost point of Europe, Cape St. Vincent offers fantastic views. You can have a photo session against the backdrop of a powerful lighthouse whose light can be seen 90 km away. Cape Roca near Lisbon offers equally mesmerising views. 

Speaking about beaches, it is not easy to recommend the best one because you can say that about almost any beach in the region. We’ll just mention that the local beaches are clearly divided into 2 categories: popular beaches in the larger resorts and deserted beaches in the smaller towns.

The towns of the Algarve seem similar at first sight — if you saw one, you saw them all. But that's so only for an inattentive traveller. Each of them has its own twist.

  • Loulé located northwest of Faro is not just a walled city but also a centre of traditional crafts, such as embossing, pottery, and basket weaving.
  • Lagos is not just an open-air museum, but a real piece of the past from the days of Prince Henry the Navigator and colonial trade. 
  • Tavira is an Arab village worth visiting for its Moors Caste (Castelo dos Mouros) and 18th-century mansions. 

Have a great trip in the south of Portugal.

12.09.2023 13:33

Hello. Can I pick up my car in one city and drop it off in another?

Iryna (Localrent)
12.09.2023 16:09

Hello! Yes, sure.

02.01.2023 19:42

can we pick up our car at the airport?

Iryna (Localrent)
03.01.2023 10:03

Hello! On the car page, after you click on the “Book now” button, you will be able to select the pick-up and drop-off time and location, including the “Airport” option.