Car rental in Split

Renting a car in the city of Split is a great idea. It's a good starting point for short trips into the surrounding countryside, as well as for long journeys around Croatia.

This country offers plenty of interesting places to visit on your own. There are beaches, beautiful old towns, the remains of ancient fortresses, and the wonderful nature of national parks. 

Rent a car and go explore amazing Croatia at your own pace.

Benefits of booking on

  • You can select and book a suitable car online from your home. This way you don't have to spend your vacation looking for an available car; a rental agent will meet you at a convenient time and hand you over the car.
  • Offers from the best car rentals in one place.
  • Clear rental terms and transparent pricing. The price is fixed in the voucher at the time of booking.
  • The advance payment is only 15-20%, and you pay the remaining amount after you inspect the car.
  • Our customer service is available every day.

The most popular cities for car hire in Croatia

What is the right way to pick up and drop off the rental car?

Picking up and dropping off your car is easy, even if you have never done so. Just follow the instructions.

Picking up:

  1. Make sure to arrive at the meeting point on time.
  2. Inspect the car carefully and note all damages in the inspection card.
  3. Take pictures of the car from all sides.
  4. Read and sign the rental agreement.
  5. Pay the rest of the order price and make a deposit, if required. 

It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Dropping off:

  1. You arrive at the agreed place at the agreed time. 
  2. The car is clean. The amount of fuel in the tank is the amount specified in the agreement. 
  3. A representative from the rental company inspects the car and signs your copy of the car drop-off report. If the deposit has been blocked on your card, be sure to keep all documents until the money is returned.

Remember to take all personal belongings out of the rental car. Check all storage compartments, pockets, charging ports and cables.

It normally takes about 10 minutes to drop off the car.

Road traffic and fines in Croatia

You will enjoy driving on Croatian roads in a rental car if you observe the traffic regulations and know about the local peculiarities.

The traffic police are quite loyal to tourists and may let them go with just a warning for minor infringements. However, you should not deliberately violate the traffic regulations because there are numerous speed cameras in the country.

Parking in Split

There are free and paid parking areas in Split. You can distinguish them by the presence of information on chargeable hours, parking rates, and payment methods on the “P” sign. 

Look carefully at the signs before parking your car. Even if the sign is hidden from view in the treetops, it still remains in force.

Toll roads

Most motorways in Croatia are toll roads. They are easy to use: you collect a ticket at the entrance and pay at the exit. Cash and cards are accepted. 

Petrol stations in Croatia

You will have no problems refuelling in Croatia. Petrol stations are frequent on busy highways, and quality fuel can be found at any network petrol station. Many petrol stations have small cafés, rest areas, and even free Wi-Fi.

Before travelling to the countryside, make sure you fill up with extra fuel because there aren’t many petrol stations in remote areas.

Places to visit by a rental car

The beach, of course! Local beaches offer clear water, flat shore, water sports, cafés, and often free parking. The top three of local beaches are Žnjan, Trstenik, and Kašjuni. 

A few hours from Split are a whole host of small but very interesting towns. 

  • Founded in the 7th century, Dubrovnik still retains many features of ancient architecture. If you have seen Dubrovnik, you have seen Croatia, as the local joke goes.
  • Solin is a Croatian Jordan with temples and an amphitheatre.
  • Trogir is a city with 15th century walls and the stunning Kamerlengo Castle, both of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Fortress of Klis is very close, about 10 kilometres from Split. Since the release of Game of Thrones, it has become one of the country's iconic places. Scenes with the city of Meereen in the Slaver's Bay were filmed in Klis.

Also make sure to visit the Krka National Park. It is Croatia's natural gem. People come here to see and take pictured of a series of seven waterfalls. There are also traditional water mills there. Where else would you see something like that?

Have a great trip around Croatia!