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Petrol stations in Croatia

There are quite many petrol stations in Croatia. In major cities and on major highways, you can fill up without a problem at any time of day. In less busy areas, petrol stations are rare and open only during the daytime. When travelling by car in such regions, the fuel tank should always be at least one-third full in order to reach the next petrol station without any problems.

The quality of fuel in Croatia is good, and it’s safe to fill up at any of the major network petrol stations: INA, Petrol, Crodux, Lukoil, etc.

Many petrol stations have cafés, large car parks, snack areas, WCs, and even showers.

Fuel prices

Average prices (August 2023):

  • Petrol 95 – €1.51
  • Petrol 98 – €1.97
  • Diesel – €1.41
  • LPG – €0.86

Fuel prices vary at different petrol stations in Croatia. Along the toll roads, the fuel prices are about 10-15% higher than on the toll-free roads.

Most petrol stations accept card payments, and you can always pay in cash.

How to fill up at local petrol stations

In major cities, there are always some petrol stations that are open 24 hours a day. However, most petrol stations are open till 8/9/10 pm.

There are two types of petrol stations: manned and unmanned (self-service automated petrol stations).

Manned petrol stations may or may not have attendants. Smaller petrol stations most often only have a cashier. 

How to fill up:

  • Drive up to the petrol pump, turn off the engine.
  • Take a nozzle and fill up with fuel. You control the volume yourself by looking at the display.
  • Go to the cashier, tell your petrol pump number and pay.

Make sure that the fuel meter is reset before refuelling, otherwise, you will have to pay for someone else's fuel.

How to use an automated petrol station:

  1. Stop at the necessary fuel pump.
  2. It is usually equipped with a self-service terminal. There are several languages to choose from, including English.
  3. Enter the fuel pump number and select the fuel you want.
  4. Insert your card and enter the pin code. If the card is accepted, €100 will be deducted from your account. Don't be alarmed, this amount is temporarily reserved. The remaining amount will be returned to the card later. Not all petrol stations take a deposit, sometimes you can enter the amount at once.
  5. Fill the necessary amount of fuel. Take your payment receipt.

Petrol stations often have loyalty programmes, and if you travel with locals, you can save money: just give them the required amount in cash, and they will fill you up with their card.

Have a great trip!

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