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Toll roads in Croatia

Most motorways in Croatia are toll roads. They connect the major cities allowing you to get around the country easily and quickly.

Most of toll roads have toll-free alternatives. The regular roads are basically as good as motorways but they are mostly two-lane and pass through populated areas. The journey is longer but more interesting.

If you want to avoid travelling on toll roads, set “Avoid toll roads” in your navigation app settings.

If time is more important to you than money, you should know the peculiarities of toll roads in Croatia, the toll rates and how to pay them. In this article, we have tried to answer all those questions.

How to use motorways

On short sections of motorways, in tunnels, and on bridges, the toll is charged at once and at the standard rate.

On long roads, you drive up to a dedicated window at the entrance and collect a ticket indicating the point of entry. Do not lose your ticket, otherwise, the cost will be calculated at the maximum rate.

You can’t accidentally drive onto a toll road and then have to pay because there are gates with barriers at the entrance.

You pay the toll at the exit. Either at the toll terminal or to the cashier. Both cash (€) and cards are accepted. 

Rental cars are not equipped by electronic payment systems.

In Croatia, you pay for the kilometres, not for the time you spend on the motorway. So, it's perfectly safe to stop at a petrol station to have a rest and a snack. However, you must exit the motorway within 24 hours.

Car rental prices

The price depends on the vehicle’s mileage and category.

Categories of vehicles:

  • IA - Motorcycles
  • I - Cars under 1.9 metres high
  • II - Cars over 1.9 metres high and cars with trailers.

All passenger cars fall into category I. Tall crossovers with roof racks and minivans can also fall into category II. It all depends on the car’s height.

Toll costs in Croatia

Below are approximate toll costs between the major cities.

MotorwayLength, kmToll cost, €


Passenger car

Cars over 1.9 m high, cars with trailers
Zagreb - Dubrovnik, A148318,4030,6047,60
Zagreb - Split, A1378,514,402437,60
Split - Dubrovnik, A1113,63,906,609,90
Zagreb - Macelj, A255,13,806,409,60
Zagreb - Lipovac, A3264,810,2016,9025,60
Zagreb - Goričan, A4108,613,6022,7034,20
Zagreb - Rijeka, A1, A6135,405,509,2016,80

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