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Renting a car in Podgorica to have an unforgettable journey around beautiful Montenegro is not just a good idea, it’s a great idea. You can drive on the panoramic road along the Bay of Kotor and walk along the streets of ancient towns, drive into the mountains and swim in the clearest lakes in the north, admire incredible gorges and walk across a suspension bridge over a mountain river canyon.

You can pick up and drop off the car either at Podgorica Airport or in the city.

Book a car online on our website in advance, so you don't have to waste your precious vacation time looking for the suitable car.

Which car to choose

It all depends on your plans for the vacation.

Any car will do for rides along the coast, from a small compact car to a luxury convertible.

If you want to drive to the mountains, choose a car with an engine capacity of more than 1.6 litres. In winter, you will need an all-wheel drive car, preferably a crossover.

A minivan is okay only for those who share the same idea of a perfect vacation. Discuss your plans in advance. If you can’t agree, rent two cars and enjoy your vacation to the full.

The most popular cities for car hire in Montenegro

Picking up and dropping off

It’s easy to pick up and drop off your rental car. A rental agent will meet you at the airport or in the city and take care of all the required paperwork. When placing your order, you can choose the time and place of picking up and dropping off your rental car. 

Required documents (originals): 

  • Renter’s passport;
  • Driver’s license (IDP is not required);
  • Voucher (an electronic version will do).

Remember to take your money with you to pay the remaining amount of your order price and the deposit if you have booked a car in Podgorica with a deposit.

Read the rental agreement carefully, double-check the prices, inspect the car and mark any defects on the inspection diagram.

Take detailed photos or videos of the car. Keep them just in case.

The pick-up usually takes about 15 minutes.

To drop off your car just as quickly, you simply need to arrive at the meeting point on time in a clean car with the required amount of fuel in the tank. The rental agent will check the car and, if everything is OK, return the deposit.

Traffic regulations in Montenegro

In the Montenegro, the traffic regulations do not differ much from the rest of Europe. 

  • The speed limits are 50 km/h in the city and 80 km/h outside the city.
  • Make sure to use seat belts. 
  • Drivers must not use mobile phones without a hands-free system.
  • The low beam must always be on. 
  • The permitted maximum blood alcohol content is 0.2 ppm. 

The locals drive quite carefully and confidently but they often break the speed limit on the mountain roads. If you are not used to driving on such roads, forget about the thrill of the race and let those in a hurry to overtake you.

Parking in Podgorica

There’s a paid car park with a boom barrier directly in front of the terminal of Podgorica Airport. You show your entry receipt and pay at the exit.

There are free of charge parking spaces in the capital of Montenegro but, as in any capital city, the closer you get to the centre, the harder it is to find a free space. However, outside the city centre, you can park your car safely in yards and on the side of the road. Just make sure your car doesn't get in anyone's way or break the rules of the road.

Unlike free of charge car parks, paid parking spaces have a “P” sign with a board that contains information on the parking rates and times. 

On-street parking is usually limited to 2 hours. The parking rate is €0.5-2.0 per hour. You can pay at the parking meter or via SMS.

You can park for as long as you like in a car park with a boom barrier but such parking facilities are more expensive. The parking rates can be found on the board in front of the boom barrier or on the gate next to it. Don’t lose your receipt not to pay a small but unpleasant fine.

Petrol stations in Podgorica

Petrol stations offer petrol 98, 95, and diesel. The fuel prices may vary but are the same throughout the country.

Most petrol stations are open 24 hours a day. They accept cash and cards.

Have a happy journey and smooth roads.

06.10.2023 08:53

Do rental cars have navigation?

Iryna (Localrent)
06.10.2023 12:20

Hello! No, navigation is optional equipment. The rental company will only provide it if this equipment is included in your booking.

02.04.2023 15:08

Hello! I want to pick up the car at Podgorica airport and drop it off in Budva. Is that possible?

Iryna (Localrent)
02.04.2023 17:48

Hello! Yes, you can choose your own pick-up and drop-off locations on the “Booking” page.

14.08.2022 22:04

Good evening! With 1 year of driving experience and 20 years of age, will I be able to rent a car?

Iryna (Localrent)
15.08.2022 11:36

Hello! Please contact us at hello@localrent with further details, and our customer support team will try to find a car that you can rent.

04.07.2022 08:53

Hello. Which car should I rent for a trip to Lovćen?

Iryna (Localrent)
04.07.2022 11:10

Hello! The road surface is very good in Montenegro, so there is no need to rent a car with high clearance or high power, even if you are going to the mountains. If you need to travel with 3 or more passengers and air conditioning, you should rent a car with at least 1.8-litre engine.