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Parking in Montenegro

There are free and paid parking spaces in Montenegro. They are designated with the relevant signs and markings.

Unpaid parking is treated as illegal and is punishable by a fine.

Free parking

Free parking is available along the roadsides, in special bays, and unequipped areas. You can park your vehicle free of charge wherever it will not cause an obstruction to traffic and wherever there is no paid parking sign. Illegally parked car, e.g. causing an obstruction to traffic, may be towed. Tow truck operators work hard, especially in summer when the traffic increases.

Free parking spaces are available nearly in every town or city (with few exceptions, please see below). They are usually some distance away from the historic downtown and highly visited cultural monuments. If you don’t mind walking for 15 minutes, you can save on parking.

The most popular cities for car hire in Montenegro

Paid parking

There are two types of paid parking lots in Montenegro:

  • Parking spaces on the side of the street
  • Car parks with boom barriers.

You'll find on-street paid parking zones in the downtown. They are signposted with a paid parking sign, i.e. a "P" sign that specifies the time limit, parking rate, etc. The road surface is lined out, and all cars must be must be parked only within the bay markings.

There are fewer on-street parking spaces than car parks with boom gates. It is more difficult to find an empty parking spot here, and the time limit is 2 hours. The parking rate is from €0.5-2.0 per hour. You can pay at the parking meter or via SMS.

Parking facilities with boom barriers are more numerous with more available bays and no time limit. However, the parking rates are 30-50% higher.

Using car parks with a boom barrier is easy. Just drive up to the entrance gate and push the button. Take the ticket. After you take the ticket, the boom barrier will open. Enter the parking lot and park your vehicle. Keep your ticket safe because it contains the time when your parking started, and you will need it for payment. If you lose your ticket, you'll have to pay the fine of €10 or even €30. You pay when you drive out of the car park. Drive up to the exit gate, show your ticket, and pay.

Paid parking facilities charge on an hourly basis. If you used a parking bay for 3 hours and 5 minutes, you'd have to pay for the whole 4 hours. Please keep it in mind when planning your parking time.

Payment for parking

There are two ways to pay for on-street parking spaces:

  1. Parking meter. Look around, and you will see it nearby. The parking rate is specified in the signage. Drop the necessary number of coins and remember that meters do not give change. Push the green button and take your ticket. Put the ticket under the windscreen so that the traffic warden could see it.
  2. SMS. If you have a local SIM card, you can quickly pay for your parking with your phone. You'll see a panel with instructions under the "P" sign. The process is straightforward — just send your vehicle's license plate number (without spaces) in a text message to the number specified in the signage. The one-hour rate will be charged from your phone, and you will receive a confirmation in a text message stating the expiration time. It will be in the Montenegrin language. If you want to extend the time, you should pay via SMS for one more hour after the first hour ends. Unfortunately, you can't pay via SMS for a half-hour or fifty minutes.

Please take the parking time seriously. The parking inspectors are vigilant, and an unpunctual traveller can find a parking ticket or become a pedestrian for a while because the car has been towed.

Some cities have different rate zones marked with different colours in the parking signage. It is very convenient. The red zone is the most expensive, yellow zone is less costly, and the green zone is the most affordable. The closer to the downtown, the higher the parking rate.

Parking violation fines

The amount of parking fine depends on the violation and the town or city where you committed it. You can face a penalty of €15 to €150. In addition to the fine, you will pay the towing and storage costs. 

Thus, you had better not violate any parking rules.

How to pay the fine and consequences of non-payment

Parking ticket under the wiper

You just need to bring the parking ticket and money to the car rental company and forget about it. The rental agent will deal with the problem.

Your car got towed

Your actions will depend on the town or city where it happened. You might be able to pay the fine on the spot and get your car back asap. Or you might need to pay the penalty charge notice (PCN) at the nearest bank or post office and come back with the cheque and PCN tear-off slip before your vehicle can be released.

If you decide to disregard this "piece of paper" tucked under the windshield wiper of your hire car and throw the ticket into the closest litter bin, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise. The PCN will be sent to the rent-a-car company in any case because public parking tickets are strictly accounted for. The company will pay the fine and send you a notice asking you to reimburse the expenses. If you ignore the request, the company will sue you. When you arrive in Montenegro next time, you'll be met by bailiffs.

Parking rates in Montenegrin towns and cities

Budva: €1.00-2.40 per hour. There are many free parking zones, mainly on the side of the street, in special bays, etc.

Pržno, Bečići, Rafailovići, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan: mainly free parking facilities with a shortage of parking spaces in summer.

Bar: €0.50-1.00 per hour. Numerous free car parks.

Šušanj: only a few parking lots (both paid and free). Choose a hotel or guest house with a car park if you plan a vacation in Šušanj.

Tivat: €0.50-2.00 per hour.

Tivat Airport: €0.80 per hour. There are no free parking facilities at the airport, the drivers can only stop for a short time to pick up or drop off the passengers.

Kotor: €0.80-1.20 per hour. Just a few parking spaces.

Herceg Novi: €0.50-1.00 per hour. Be sure to ask if your hotel has a car parking facility when planning your vacation in Herceg Novi. The town is built on hillsides, and there's no place to park a vehicle.

Podgorica: €0.40-0.80 per hour.

Podgorica Airport: €0.60 per hour.

This is one of the towns with different rate on-street parking zones:

  • Green – €0.40 per hour.
  • Yellow – €0.50 per hour.
  • Red – €0.60 per hour.

There’s a free car park on the edge of town, along the sides of roads, in special bays, and in yards.

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