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Filling stations in Montenegro

In Montenegro, fuel stations are located every 20-70km. They sell unleaded petrol (Eurosuper 95 and 98), diesel (Eurodizel), and liquefied petrol gas (Autogas).

Fuel costs

Fuel costs as of August 2023:

  • Eurosuper 95 – €1.69
  • Eurosuper 98 – €1.73
  • Eurodizel – €1.54

Fuel costs are the same across the country.

It is allowed to transport petrol in portable fuel containers in Montenegro. However, you will hardly ever need it.

If you are driving to Albania, fill up the full tank in Montenegro where the fuel is better and cheaper.

Large network filling stations often have a small cafe or store, car wash and tyre pressure pump.

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How to fill up

The fill-up process is straightforward in Montenegro: you drive up to a fuel dispenser, open the fuel door, and tell the attendant the fuel type and amount (or cost) you need. If you need the full take, say “full”. The attendant will do everything, and you just need to pay.

Wait until the car is filled up to the required level, check the cost at the meter, and then pay. You can pay in cash to the attendant or pay by card at the cash desk. They accept card payments without problems.

Fuel quality

Local motorists advise filling up at Petrol and Lukoil filling stations and keep away from Eko petrol stations because their petrol often contains additives that are not well digested by German cars.

EkoPetro stations have received much negative feedback on social media. Users recommend to either fill up by yourself or wait till nozzle shut-off to avoid "underfilling".

If you need diesel, better go to a Petrol filling station (not to be confused with Vuk Petrol). You’ll find them on your way from Budva to Kotor, in Katun Reževići, and on your way from Cetinje to Podgorica (when you leave Cetinje and enter Podgorica).

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