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Spreading only over 7 kilometres, Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag) is a major seaside resort of Bulgaria. Tourists accustomed to metropolitan city scale can think that they don’t need to hire a car in Bulgaria.

However, the resort is merely hotels, beaches, and cafes. The most significant sights, such as a nearby town of Nesebar with many ancient churches, are located outside of the city. Here’s where you will need a vehicle.

Visitors to Bulgaria might want to explore Veliko Tarnovo often referred to as City of the Tsars, see the Balkan mountain range, enjoy intact nature of Kalinata protected area, visit a great town of Sozopol, which is one of the major seaside resorts in the country.

And even though there are plenty of amusement parks, restaurants, and casinos in Sunny Beach, one day you’ll want something new for a change. The second largest resort city of Burgas is only 30km away from Sunny Beach.

Rent a car and enjoy your vacation.

The most popular cities for car hire in Bulgaria

Car hire prices in Sunny Beach

The average cost of a one-day car rental. The number is calculated based on the bookings of the previous three years. It takes into account the rental of cars across all classes.

14 €
11.67 €
22.5 €
22 €
23.56 €
27 €
39.11 €
35 €
25.22 €
13.3 €
7.63 €
20.4 €

Can I have my hire car delivered to the airport

If you arrive at Burgas Airport, having your rental car delivered to the airport would be a perfect decision. It is not only more convenient, but also more cost-efficient.

See for yourself. When you are tired after the flight and not yet accustomed to the climate, a 30-kilometre trip by bus in a hot environment without air conditioning will be exhausting. Moreover, you'll need to change coaches. Once at the terminal stop, bags in hands, you will have to catch a taxi to finally get to your hotel in Sunny Beach. You have a tiresome trip ahead of you.

That is why tourists take a taxi right at the airport paying “extortionate” amounts for the relative comfort. Officially, taxi fare to Sunny Beach is €25+. Actually, it can go up to €200.

Taxi drivers can "forget" to start taxi meter, take longer routes, omit to mention additional charges for luggage or night hours. We recommend that you ask for the final trip cost in advance, learn which services are included in the price and if you will have to pay additional charges.

Hiring a good car with air conditioning will solve most problems and will not create new ones.

Driving at resort areas is easy even for less experienced drivers.

Do you need to rent a car online?

If you usually rent a car directly at rental counters, then benefits of online booking are not apparent for you.

There's no doubt that, after searching for a long time, you'll fine the vehicle you want at an acceptable price in a capital city, but you might not find it in a small resort town like Sunny Beach. Car rental service is top-rated in the summertime.

In high season, affordable hire cars in good condition are snapped up fast in Bulgaria. That said, online booking is a reliable and the least costly way to rent a vehicle in Sunny Beach.

If you are looking for a particular model year car, you can set this filter in search criteria.

The demand for car rental services in Sunny Beach

The occupancy rate of the car rental fleets by month. For example, most cars are being rented in August, which means that this month has the smallest amount of available vehicles. The higher the percentage of the car fleet workload, the earlier it is worth booking a car to choosing the best option at the best price.

28 %
23 %
33 %
34 %
55 %
67 %
81 %
93 %
56 %
14 %
9 %
21 %

Car insurance

Every hire car is insured. In Sunny beach, car rental cost includes either Third-Party Liability Insurance (TPL) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

When picking up your rental car, you pay a deposit. If you return the car in the same condition you received it, the deposit is returned to you in full. There's also an option to rent a car without a deposit.

Parking and speed limit in Sunny Beach

Parking at sidewalks, lawns, and parkways is not allowed in Sunny Beach. You can park you hire car at pre-paid parking lots pre-paid per hour from 10:00 to 24:00, and for free from 24:00 to 09:59 (including weekend).

To pay for parking, you can buy a parking permit at a kiosk. You can also pay from your phone (with a local SIM car) by sending an SMS to number 135544. Please specify your car license plate number correctly in the message. If it does not match the the licence plate number in the database, it will be difficult to prove that you paid for parking. In Sunny Beach, parking is paid for one hour, which means that you pay again in an hour.

Vehicles parked in a restricted place or in an unauthorised manner are wheel clamped or towed. To get your car back, you'll have to pay a fine of 50 leva (€25) plus 3 leva (€1.5) per hour of vehicle impoundment.

If there is no sign of paid parking (“P” sign with indication rates and time), it means that parking is free of charge.

You can also be fined for exceeding the speed limit of 40km/h (25mph) in Sunny Beach.

Car rental in the resort town of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, is convenient and cost-efficient.

12.06.2023 17:14

How many drivers can drive free of charge?

Iryna (Localrent)
12.06.2023 18:00

Good afternoon! The rental agreement allows driving for one primary driver. If you want to include a second driver, you need to add to your booking the option “Second driver in agreement”. This option can be offered at no extra cost or at additional charge.