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Many traveller's companions assure tourists that the most interesting sights are located in the old centre of Sofi, within walking distance, so there's no need to rent a car. Of course, if you decided to run around Sofia just for the record, that might be true. Car rental is not entirely necessary in the city. However, if you'd like to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Bulgaria, you'll need a vehicle.

You can drive your hire car to the Boyana Waterfall (25km from the capital). You'll enjoy grand views there. Just choose a longer walking trail — it will be a bit harder but much more fun.

You should visit the Vitosha Mountain (55km from the capital), especially if you rent a car. There are parking lots at the foot of the mountain. You can organise your trip yourself: go the mountaintop by cable car, walk along mountain trails, and have a picnic with a view to Sofia.

A hire car can be pre-booked online on our website. It will be delivered to the place you specified or directly to the airport.

The most popular cities for car hire in Bulgaria

Car hire prices in Sofia

The average cost of a one-day car rental. The number is calculated based on the bookings of the previous three years. It takes into account the rental of cars across all classes.

14 €
11.67 €
22.5 €
22 €
23.56 €
27 €
39.11 €
35 €
25.22 €
13.3 €
7.63 €
20.4 €

Rental terms & conditions and car insurance

You’ll need only three documents:

  • ID or passport
  • Category “B” driving license
  • Bank card

All hire cars are insured. As a rule, it’s either Third-Party Liability Insurance (TPL) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). You can also buy Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW).

All insurance types require a deposit when you pick up your hire car. If you drop off your rental vehicle in good order, the deposit is returned to you in full.

Car rental at Sofia Airport

On our website, you can rent a car with delivery to the airport. This will be significantly cheaper than hiring a car at one of the rental counters located at Sofia Airport.

The rental agent will meet you at the airport and show the way to your rental car. All you need to do is to inspect the vehicle, sign the rental agreement, and pay the rental cost and deposit.

When inspecting your hire car, you should record all damages in vehicle inspection card. And take photos of the car from all angles, just to be on the safe side.

The pick-up process will take less than a half-hour. You'll save on taxi fare and start your journey in Bulgaria with a pleasant feeling of absolute freedom.

Likewise, you can drop off your hire car in the city or at Sofia Airport.

The demand for car rental services in Sofia

The occupancy rate of the car rental fleets by month. For example, most cars are being rented in August, which means that this month has the smallest amount of available vehicles. The higher the percentage of the car fleet workload, the earlier it is worth booking a car to choosing the best option at the best price.

28 %
23 %
33 %
34 %
55 %
67 %
81 %
93 %
56 %
14 %
9 %
21 %

Traffic rules in Bulgaria

It’s rather easy to drive in this country because it uses standard traffic regulations:

  • The speed limit is 50km/h in urban areas, 90km/h outside of the city, and 140km/h on a highway
  • Blood alcohol concentration limit is 0,49 per mille.

Most fines are issued for driving without the low beam on, exceeding speed limits, and illegal parking.


Car rental is a convenient service in the city of Sofia because there are no problems with parking your hire car: if you see parked vehicles and no “P” sign, you can park your hire car free of charge.

In the downtown, parking lots are usually paid. Parking cost is about €0.5 per hour. You can pay either in cash or via SMS. Paid parking zones are designated with a “P” sign and blue or green marking on the road.

Parking offenders risk getting their vehicles wheel-clamped or finding a parking ticket tucked under the wiper.

Filling stations

Petrol is one of the cheapest in the EU and costs around €1.2 per litre. Fuel stations offer unleaded petrol 98 and 95, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). There are plenty of filling station both in Sofia and on the highway. The maximum distance between stations is 198km, on Sofia to Burgas highway, and it is allowed to transport 10 litres of petrol in the trunk.

Mobile service

There are three mobile service carriers: M-Tel, Vivacom, Telenor (Globul). You can buy SIM cards at any of their offices, and the best option for a foreign tourist would be to purchase a prepaid plan. You’ll need your ID or passport to buy a card.

Carol Young
12.10.2023 09:10

Good afternoon! Can I drive to Greece?

Iryna (Localrent)
12.10.2023 11:42

Hello! Not all cars are allowed to travel abroad. If the rental car is allowed to cross borders, you will pay the rental fee, the deposit, and the border crossing charge. This depends on the car you selected. The rental companies we work with may have different terms and conditions. To select cars with this option, please use the filter. Then enable this option in your booking on the selected car's page under “Optional services”.

Peter P
04.02.2023 16:39

Good afternoon! Do your cars have mileage limits? How is mileage counted?

Iryna (Localrent)
04.02.2023 18:40

Hello! It’s different for each car, there are cars with mileage limits and with unlimited mileage. You will see this information when you open the car’s booking page. If your car has a mileage limit, it is the total for the entire rental period, i.e. you can drive more on some days and less on others. Just don’t exceed the total limit.

04.07.2022 23:11

H! If the child safety seat price is 0 euros, does it mean that it’s really free of charge or just not available?

Iryna (Localrent)
05.07.2023 10:53

Hello! It means that this service is offered free of charge and there is no additional charge.