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Total 283 cars with an average cost of 33€ per day

By hiring a car in Burgas, you can save on airport transfer, drive comfortably from hotel to beach and back, and see unusual places in the vicinities: Lake Atanasovsko (nature reserve), ancient settlement of the Thracians (Aquae Calidae), Ruins of Rusokastro Fortress, Peacock Farm.

Explore nice health resort areas around the city with small taverns, take your kids to the amusement park where can have fun, too, and spend a few magic hours for cheap shopping. And you will not be tied to bus schedules that are usually not convenient for tourists visiting Bulgaria.

Hire car is acclaimed by many travellers as a way to save on tours. Tour desks do not hesitate to charge 50 leva (€25) for trips that cost 20 leva (€15) for the sheer reason that their buses run to the place you want to visit.

The most popular cities for car hire in Bulgaria

Car hire prices in Burgas

The average cost of a one-day car rental. The number is calculated based on the bookings of the previous three years. It takes into account the rental of cars across all classes.

14 €
11.67 €
22.5 €
22 €
23.56 €
27 €
39.11 €
35 €
25.22 €
13.3 €
7.63 €
20.4 €

How to book a car

We recommend you to book a vehicle right here so that you don't have to choose "from what is left" at a rental counter.

  • Choose pick-up city, drop-off city, and rental dates
  • Use advanced search to filter vehicles by necessary criteria
  • View cars and select the one you like
  • Read vehicle details and select appropriate options
  • Select the “Book” button
  • Complete the form and make the advance payment (15% of the order amount)
  • Check your inbox for our email with your voucher. Done.

You’ll have your hire car delivered to the airport when you arrive to Burgas or to your hotel, and you can return it at either place.

Car rental at airport is convenient, quick, and cost-efficient.

Car rental at Burgas Airport

You can have your rental car delivered to your hotel or to Burgas Airport. The rental agent will meet you at the airport and show the way to your rental car.

Inspect the vehicle all around before signing your rental agreement. You can also take photos from different angles, just in case. All damages must be recorded in vehicle inspection card. Read your rental agreement carefully and ask the rental agent for clarifications, if needed. After you pay your rental cost and deposit, you can start your journey.

All car rental paperwork at the airport will take 15-20 minutes.

The demand for car rental services in Burgas

The occupancy rate of the car rental fleets by month. For example, most cars are being rented in August, which means that this month has the smallest amount of available vehicles. The higher the percentage of the car fleet workload, the earlier it is worth booking a car to choosing the best option at the best price.

28 %
23 %
33 %
34 %
55 %
67 %
81 %
93 %
56 %
14 %
9 %
21 %

What you need to rent a car


Necessary documents for car hire:

  • Foreign passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Bank card


All hire cars in Burgas are offered with Third-Party Liability Insurance (TPL) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) included.

Less experienced drivers can buy Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) for complete peace of mind behind the wheel.

All insurance types require a deposit. If you return your rental car in good order, the deposit is returned to you in full.

Quality of roads

Bulgarian roads cannot be considered the best in Europe, and for a good reason. But this part of the country can boast excellent roads.

European route E87 runs from Odesa (Ukraine) to Antalya (Turkey) through Bulgaria, and you can use this road to drive from Burgas to Varna. It is a four-lane road with a median barrier within the city. Outside of the city, it is a two-lane road with excellent surface and marking. Four-lane highway A1 Sofia-Burgas also runs through the city. Local highway no. 99 running to Sozopol resort is pretty good, too.

Features of traffic rules in Bulgaria

As a European country, Bulgaria uses standard traffic regulations. The speed limits are 30mph (50km/h) in urban areas and 55mph (90km/h) in rural areas. The speed limit on highways is 85mph (140km/h), so you can visit Sofia, which is 3-4 hours of drive away, and get back within one day.

The majority of fines are issued to tourists for violation of parking rules, although it’s so easy to follow them in Burgas.

Parking in Burgas

There are free and paid parking spaces.

“Blue zone” on-street paid parking lots cost €0.5 per hour. In addition to marking on asphalt and “P” sign, there’s a special sign with information on how to pay.

Mobile service

You can buy a local SIM card at one of many local phone stores. Regional carriers are M-Tel, Vivacom, Telenor (Globul). SIM card can also be purchased right at Burgas Airport. Local SIM card for calling Bulgaria costs about €3.

Filling stations

In Bulgaria, fuel stations are located near cities and towns, so most of them, even highway filling stations, can be found near Burgas. They offer unleaded petrol 98 and 95, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as well as a wide range of products, from toys for kids to Swiss knives.

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Good afternoon. Can I extend my booking?

Iryna (Localrent)
03.09.2023 17:10

Good afternoon! You can extend your order if the car is available. To do this, contact us at hello@localrent, and our customer support team will help you!

15.05.2022 18:09

I want to drop off my car right before my flight. Can I drop it off at the airport?

Iryna (Localrent)
16.05.2022 12:17

Hello! Yes. On the “Booking” page, you will be able to select the “Airport” location. If this is a paid option, the system will immediately display the cost of pick-up and/or drop of your rental car.