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Albania is a great place to travel by car. The country is made for exciting drives along beautiful mountain serpentines and coastal roads with a sea view. There are many different beaches, ancient forts, picturesque lakes, deepest canyons, medieval towns and much, much more. Renting a car makes it easy to fit all the excitement you are looking for in a short vacation. For a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of your road trip, check out this Albania Road Trip Guide. It offers valuable tips and itineraries to help you explore the country's hidden gems.

You can book a car with delivery to Tirana Airport. The rental agent will meet you on arrival, sign an agreement, and hand you the keys in the car park outside the terminal.

5 benefits of our website

  1. Large selection of cars from reliable local rental companies.
  2. Transparent pricing policy with the final price fixed in the voucher at the time of booking.
  3. The advance payment is only 15-20%. You pay the remaining amount when you pick up the car.
  4. You can book a car without a deposit.
  5. Our customer service is available 7 days a week.

For how long to rent a car in Tirana

A few days is enough to see the top attractions of Albania. But if you want to stay longer, bask on the best beaches of the coast, drive into the mountains, explore ancient cities, and try the most delicious national dishes, then you should rent a car for a week or two.

Which car to choose for travelling in Albania

Any rental car, including an economy car, will do for trips around Tirana, coastal resorts, and their surroundings.

If you're going into the mountains, you had better choose a four-wheel-drive car with a more powerful engine.

If you want to drive along the coast in an open-top car, you can rent a convertible.

A minivan is perfect for travelling with a large group.

Traffic regulations in Albania

The official traffic regulations in Albania are the same as in the rest of Europe. It will not be difficult to observe them. But the national peculiarities may surprise you at first as locals often break the speed limits, rarely use turn signals and overtake where it’s prohibited to do so. However, they drive quite carefully and in a non-aggressive manner.

Speed limits:

  • 40 km/h in the city
  • 80 km/h outside the city
  • 90 km/h on highways
  • 130 km/h on expressways.

Fasten your seat belt.

Switch on the low beam only at night or in bad weather.

Don’t talk on your mobile phone without using a hands-free system or headset.

Don’t drink and drive to avoid a severe penalty. The maximum blood alcohol content is 0.1 ppm.

Where you can’t drive your rental car


You can drive a regular rental car only on paved roads. It is not safe to drive regular rental cars on unpaved roads, and no insurance is applicable there.

Is it difficult to drive around Tirana?

Despite the rather heavy traffic, is not difficult to get around the capital by car. The roads are very well paved, there are traffic lights (some towns don't have them yet), and there are enough road signs to get around safely.

But if you have plenty of time, it’s best to spend the rush hours walking or dining at a café in Tirana. This way, you will avoid the possible traffic jams.

Parking in the capital

Parking is paid in the centre of Tirana. You will recognise the paid parking lots by the relevant sign indicating the parking area. The parking rate is 20-100 Lek (~€0.20-1) per hour, depending on the area. The closer to the city centre, the higher the parking rate. You pay via text message from a local SIM.

Outside the city centre, parking is free. In theory, it’s simple — you can park at any available space. But in practice, spaces in courtyards or along houses can be “reserved by someone”. The reserved space will be marked by... a chair. Or a rope.

Some parking spaces are marked with license plate numbers. You can't use them either because they are reserved for certain owners or even bought out.

Petrol stations

Petrol stations are quite frequent in large cities and on major highways but it is best to fill up in advance before travelling to the remote regions. 

The quality of petrol and diesel varies from station to station. You can find good-quality fuel at large petrol stations.

Where to go by car in Albania

Three points are worth visiting in particular: magnificent beaches, picturesque canyons, and ancient castles.

The village of Ksamil has the best beaches in the country. Golden sands, the Ionian Sea of incredible azure colour, and the gorgeous views. Come here to swim, eat mussels, and enjoy sunsets.

Admire the majestic cliffs, walk along the gorge floor, and breathe in the fresh mountain air at Gjipe Canyon. It's very beautiful at any time of year. 

To immerse yourself in Albania’s wartime past, you should visit the Rozafa Castle, also known as the Shkodër Castle. It dates back to the 3rd century BC and is still in good condition. You can walk around the vast grounds, visit the museum, find the entrance to the underground dungeons, climb the walls, and enjoy the magnificent views.

07.10.2023 15:03

How will I find the rental agent to pick up my car?

Iryna (Localrent)
07.10.2023 18:14

Hello! Your voucher includes contact details of rental agents (Viber, Telegram, Whats App) in the bottom left corner so that you can contact them directly for information support.

13.02.2023 18:09

How many people can drive a rental car, only one or 2-3 drivers?

Iryna (Localrent)
14.02.2023 09:24

Hello! According to the terms and conditions on our website, you can include 2 drivers in your rental agreement. Please contact us at hello@localrent with further details, and our customer support team will try to help you.

12.10.2022 15:37

Good afternoon. Can I rent a car after I arrive?

Iryna (Localrent)
12.10.2022 19:04

Hello! Yes. However, the closer the rental dates, the fewer available affordable options you have, so we recommend booking early.