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Petrol stations in Albania

Petrol stations vary greatly in Albania. There are large modern petrol stations with a full range of services, and there are small petrol stations with very questionable quality of fuel.

It is quite easy to find a good petrol station in a big city but you had better fill up with plenty of fuel before travelling to the mountains. Fuel consumption increases about 1.5 times on serpentines, and you may not find a good petrol station.

Fuel prices in Albania

Indicative prices as of September, 2023:

Petrol 95197 ALL (~€1.86)
Diesel196 ALL (~€1.85)
Liquefied petrol gas (LPG)62 ALL (~€0.59)

The prices vary by 10-15% depending on the particular petrol station.

It is best to have cash in the local currency (Lek) with you to pay for the fuel. You can pay in euros but the exchange rate will be rather unfavourable. Not all petrol stations accept card payments.

BEFORE filling up, ask the staff if you can pay by a bank card for fuel.

If you see signage with payment card brands, it does not guarantee that this petrol station has a payment terminal.

How to fill up at petrol stations in Albania

Most petrol stations have staff who will do all the work.

The local staff don’t speak English well, although they do know basic phrases. If you can't understand each other, use a translation app on your phone.

How to fill up:

  • Drive up to the fuel pump
  • Open the fuel tank
  • Say the fuel type and quantity in litres
  • Pay to the attendant or in the station building.

Check the type and amount of fuel filled because some petrol stations may fill diluted fuel, underfill or charge you more money.

Before filling up, tell the attendant that you want good-quality fuel, or better specify that you need petrol 95 or Euro diesel.

Large petrol stations are open 24/7 but opening hours may vary in remote areas.

Fuel quality

The quality of petrol and diesel varies across the country and depends on the particular station. It is best to fill up in cities or on major highways at large petrol stations. Small petrol stations often sell diluted fuel, so you had better not take the risk.

Most petrol stations are privately owned. There are Kastrati and ELDA petrol station chains in the country.

What else is available at petrol stations

It all depends on the station size and location. A small petrol station in a rural area may offer fuel and nothing else. The larger petrol stations have WCs, shops, cafes, and sometimes even a car wash or a nice hotel.

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