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Rules for cooperation

Adding a widget

The width of the page where the widget is to be added must be at least 700 pixels. This is the minimum width of the widget with 3 car columns. A widget with a width of 930 pixels (4 car columns) is also available. The widget installation code can be found in the Affiliate Account.

No other car rental offers may be posted on the widget page.

The widget page may not include a contact phone number, email address or other type of contact information for car rental queries. An exception is made for ‘site-wide’ contact details that appear on all pages of the website (e.g. in the footer, header or sidebar of the website).

The widget contains the necessary feedback channels, and we monitor and are responsible for their quality.

When a customer of your website contacts Localrent support via the widget, our managers do not accept orders, but only answer the customer's questions. We do not accept orders by phone or email. The customer can create an order only via a widget.

Do not change the appearance of the widget or compromise its integrity in any way, unless they are agreed with Localrent.

If the above rules are not complied with, Localrent reserves the right to refuse to pay the affiliate commission.

Payment of commission and mutual settlements

When a customer pays for a booking created on the affiliate's website, the affiliate is paid a commission. The commission shall not be less than 50% of Localrent's income. As a rule, this is at least 7.5% of the rental price excluding delivery costs and additional services. 

The affiliate commission rate may change upwards. This depends on the commission rate we receive from the rental company.

In case of cancellation, the advance payment is either fully refunded to the customer or (if cancelled on the day before the booked date) sent to the rental company as compensation for loss of order. Neither we nor our affiliates receive any commission for cancelled orders.

The commission is not recalculated in case of changes to the booking (change of rental dates, rental duration, replacement of the car at the request of the customer or rental company).

Order price can change upwards or downwards. Therefore, on the whole, this rule does not harm the interests of either the rental company or our affiliate.

When a customer pays for a booking created on the affiliate's website, a notification is sent to the specified email address. The notification contains basic information about the order. However, the final and accurate information can be found in the Affiliate Account. The booking details can change even after the payment. For example, a customer can cancel the order.

Payments of commission

In order to receive the commission, the affiliate only needs to submit an application with the details via a dedicated form in Affiliate Account.

The minimum payment amount is €10.

The commission is calculated in euros. Payments are made in the currency of the beneficiary's account. If the beneficiary's account is not in euros, the conversion is made at the exchange rate specified in Affiliate Account.

Payments are made within 1-3 business days after receipt of the application. Please refer to the table below for the payment transfer time and payment service fee.

PayPal1-2 business days5,75%
Visa or MasterCard bank card1-6 business days