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Filling stations in Greece

The fuel stations are plentiful and conveniently located in Greece. The roads have signs indicating the distance to the nearest filling station so you can decide whether or not to start worrying. It is not legally allowed to transport petrol in portable fuel containers in vehicles.

Fuel types in Greece

The fuel quality is excellent in Greece. Filling stations offer unleaded petrol 95, 98 and even 100 (except for 92), two types of diesel, and liquefied petrol gas (LPG) or AutoGas.

There are many branded petrol stations in Greece. The most common brands are BP, Shell, REVOIL, EKO, JETOIL, AEGEAN.

Their attendants often try to gently talk their clients into buying more expensive fuel. To save money, you should stay aware and resist persuasion attempts.

Some stations are designated with a “АП” sign that stands for “Independent Filling Stations”. This means that the owner can contract or re-contract with any supplier that offers the best terms at the moment. The fuel quality can vary at such stations.

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Petrol names you’ll see at filling stations in Greece:

  • Unleaded 95 or 98 is regular petrol
  • Unleaded 100 (Super) is petrol for high-performance luxury sports cars. Your hire car will gladly consume regular Unleaded 95
  • Super LRP is lead-replacement petrol for older cars. It is rarely available. As a rule, owners of such vehicles go to one station and buy a full tank. It costs more than Unleaded 95. Please don't fill up your rental car with this type of fuel
  • V-Power is unleaded petrol 95 or 98 with additives; it is more expensive than regular gasoline. It is available at BP and Shell petrol stations.


All fuel stations sell diesel, both regular and more expensive “refined” diesel fuel. Petrol and diesel are in the same price range, but diesel is cheaper for longer mileages.

How to identify the proper diesel nozzle:

  • Diesel – This is regular diesel fuel (for tractors)
  • Diesel Premium, Diesel Super, Diesel Ultimate – This is diesel fuel for passenger cars.

Fuel prices

  • 95 〜 €1.96
  • 100 〜 €2.14
  • Diesel 〜 €1.74
  • LPG 〜 €0.85

Highway petrol stations can charge 10% to 20% more for fuel. The cheapest fuel is near large shopping centres. Both petrol and diesel are less expensive in Athens and Thessaloniki than the national average.

At first, the prices at Greek filling stations can baffle you because the currency is not indicated. In fact, everything is simple — the prices are in euro with three decimal digits. However, the Greeks do not think it necessary to include the decimal point.

Filling up in Greece

Filling stations employ specially trained attendants. They meet vehicles near fuel dispensers or come to you shortly after you arrive.

You need to say what type of fuel and how much you need. First, the operator fills up your car, then you pay. If you have cash, you pay to the operator, or you can pay by card at the office.

Small rural filling stations might not accept card payments, so you should always have some cash to be on the safe side.

At night petrol stations are operated manually (there’s no on-site staff). You can pay in paper money or by card.

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