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Filling stations in Cyprus

Petrol stations may seem difficult for visitors to Cyprus only at first glance. You just need to learn three things before your journey:

  1. Working hours of petrol station staff
  2. How to fill up by yourself using a terminal
  3. Why you are charged more than the fuel cost.

Fuel prices

In Cyprus, petrol stations can fill up your fuel tank with:

  • Unleaded 95 — €1.54
  • Super Unleaded 98 — €1.59
  • Euro Diesel — €1.59

Fuel prices are the same at all filling stations, so there’s no point in looking for a cheaper petrol station.

How to fill up your car in Cyprus

Most petrol stations work in automatic mode at night time and at weekends. That means you will have to pay at the pump.

Filling station attendants work from 6.00am till 6.00pm from Monday to Friday and till 4.00pm on Saturdays.

At an attended filling station, you can ask an attendant in English to help you refuel your car. Give the money and say which fuel you want.

If you use a debit or credit card to make a purchase, the system will place a temporary hold on the amount of €60 in your account. If you pumped fuel for less, make sure to take your receipt (just in case).

Unused funds will be released after a while. It can take from one day to one month. So, you had better pay in cash whenever you can.

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How to fill up at an unattended fuel station

Unattended petrol stations have no staff, only self-service pumps. How to refuel your tank:

  1. Pull up to the necessary pump and switch off the engine.
  2. Come to the payment terminal.
  3. Insert banknotes or a card into the slot as shown in the label on the terminal and enter your PIN.
  4. Enter the amount if you pay by card (remember that the system will place a temporary hold on €60 in your account).
  5. Use the pump number buttons on the left to select your pump.
  6. When the button starts flashing, take your receipt and return to the pump.
  7. Insert the filler nozzle into the fuel tank and pull the trigger.
  8. Remember to put the nozzle back in the holder after filling up.

We are not writing it for fun. In Cyprus, the filler nozzles are even equipped with special protection “against absent-minded drivers”. If you try to drive away from the filling station with the nozzle still in your car, the hose will disconnect without damaging the equipment. All you need to do is to put the nozzle back in the holder.

What to do with the excess fuel

Don’t worry. There’s a “TICKET REQUEST” button on the payment terminal.

Push it to get your ticket. There will be a line at the bottom: NOT DELIVERED CREDIT POUNDS…

Make sure to take the ticket. No claims will be accepted without it.

At a self-service station, you need to call the manager (please see the phone number on the payment terminal) who will resolve the issue.

If the filling station has attendants, but you arrived after hours, the solution is even simpler — you can return to the station during working hours and use the ticket to buy fuel for the unused amount.

Filling station services in Cyprus

Large petrol stations have kiosks or shops selling water and snacks. There are often mini-markets where you can purchase useful stuff for your car. Many petrol stations have a car wash on site. You can also check tyre pressure and use an air pump if needed.

Smaller filling stations may not offer additional services.

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