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Parking in Armenia

Everything you need to know about parking in Armenia is mostly related to Yerevan. In other cities, you won’t encounter any difficulties and just need to follow the signs. Outside the capital, parking is generally free.

In tourist areas, you may encounter scammers who pose as “valets” and try to get money for free parking in this way. Always ask for their credentials!

Parking in Yerevan

In the city centre, parking areas are payable. You can identify them by the sign and red markings on the pavement. Parking outside the red lines is prohibited.

It is free to stop for 15 minutes within the red markings.

Parking rates in Yerevan:

Parking duration:Rates for A zoneRates for B zone
1 hour֏300 (~ $0.75)֏200 (~ $0.50)
day֏2,000 (~ $5)֏1,000 (~ $2.50)
week֏5,000 (~ $12.50)֏2,000 (~ $5)
month֏18,000 (~ $45)֏4,000 (~ $10)
year֏160,000 (~ $400)֏24,000 (~ $60)

After paying, you can leave your car in any red marked parking area throughout the period you have paid for.

How to pay for parking

Via terminal: Telcell, MegaPay, IDRAM, Mobidram or EasyPay. You can find it on the pavement next to the parking area. Both cash and cards are accepted. Some terminals charge a commission of around ֏200 (~$0.50).

Always enter your car license plate number in Latin letters without spaces in the format “00xx000”.

Online: on the iDRAM website. We can’t recommend the Mobidram website because you may wait for the registration SMS for a long time or won’t receive it at all. 

Payment procedure:

  • Go to the iDRAM website. 
  • Sign up. To confirm your registration, you will need to enter your phone number that can receive the SMS with a confirmation code. When creating your password, you will be asked to enter a special character, however, the website does not accept most punctuation characters. Try the slash sign “/”.
  • Next, select “Payment and transfer”, go to the bottom of the page and select “Parking” under “Car Payments”.
  • Enter your car license plate number. 

A fee is charged for payment.

Via SMS from a local SIM card

  • For 1 hour in A zone - Text “00xx000” (your license plate number) to 1045.
  • For 1 hour in B zone - Text “00xx000” (your license plate number) to 5045.

When you pay via mobile phone, the time counts down from the moment the confirmation SMS is received. You will receive a reminder 5 minutes before the time is up.

By bank transfer. Account number: 900015211593. Enter your car license plate number in the “Aim” field.

Underground car parks

They are located under Freedom Square, in the centre of Yerevan. They have a capacity of 600 cars and charge from ֏200 (~$0.50) per hour. You pay at the exit.

Free parking in Yerevan


It’s free to park your car:

  • Within the red lines from 0:00 to 9:00. 
  • Near many cafes and restaurants if you are a visitor. 
  • Near attractions.


  • Parking in an inappropriate place or late payment — ֏5,000 (~$12.50).
  • Violation of stopping and parking rules, which caused other drivers to stop or change direction — ֏10,000 (~$25).
  • Towing and impoundment due to improper parking — ֏20,000 (~$50).

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