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Free cancellation of a booked car

Antivirus protection!

It is not yet the tourist season, so the car range remains wide, while rental and booking prices are not inflated due to high demand. At this time of year, thrifty travellers book air tickets to their favourite destinations or already have their tickets on hand and, of course, they book cars.

But this year is not like all the others. The coronavirus infection COVID-19 made the whole world announce quarantine. One can’t risk in a situation like this, so we worked out a way to protect you.

We at Localrent offer free cancellation of bookings. This is our antivirus protection for you and your budget.

Now you’ll find cars with a shield icon on our website. It means that if you cancel your booking for such vehicle, you will not be charged a fee, and we will refund the full amount for all cancellations made more than 24 hours before the scheduled car pick-up. For your convenience, you can use our “Free cancellation” filter to see all cars with free cancellation.

Please note that our standard free cancellation policy is valid for other cars without a shield icon when you cancel at least 7 days before pick-up or at least 30 days before pick-up for luxury cars and crossovers.

Now there’s no need to cancel your vacation plans. Because scientists around the world are making every effort to ensure that your vacation takes place. And we, as always, got your back.