Car rental in Alanya

If you want more than just passive relaxation on crowded beaches, you should rent a car and take a thrilling drive through beautiful Turkey.

You will see the architecture that saw the rise and fall of the ancient world and Byzantium, e.g. Naula Ancient City and Aydapinar Ancient Ruins.

Lovers of nature's beauty will enjoy a trip to the Dim Cave, the second largest karst cave in Turkey, the Green Canyon, the intriguing ‘pirate’ harbours and, of course, the beach of their choice.

You can take a day trip to Istanbul to see the Blue Mosque and the Egyptian Market (Spice Bazaar). Or spend a couple of days in Cappadocia, a realm of rocks, caves, and hot air balloons.

You will love the local roads with the perfect pavement, almost no traffic jams, the multi-level junctions resembling scenes from science-fiction films, and the fascinating landscapes along the roads that make you take pictures again and again and again. 

It is best to book your car at least a week before your vacation. This service is very popular with tourists because: 

  1. It’s easy. To rent a car in Alanya, you do not need an international driving permit (IDP). You just need your national driver’s license with transliteration. The minimum renter’s age is 22 years, the minimum driving experience is 2 years.
  2. It makes shopping easier, and you simply can’t return from Turkey without purchases. You won't have to carry numerous bags around — just pop them in the boot and go for a walk light-handed.
  3. Travelling by car is much more convenient and interesting than taking a guided tour in a big bus full of tourists. You can plan your own route and travel at your own pace.

The most popular cities for car hire in Turkey

Road traffic in Alanya

Alanya is a cosy resort town with European traffic regulations. However, you should know that local drivers often forget to switch on their turn signals, they exceed the speed limits and might turn over a solid line. Don't follow the example of those offenders because the fines are rather hefty in Turkey.

Toll roads

In Turkey, the toll roads are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. If you are going to travel a long distance, it is more convenient to use a toll road. The speed limit there is 120 km/h instead of 90 km/h.


Most car parks are chargeable. You pay to the attendant wearing an orange vest. The attendant will come to you and issue a ticket. And you don’t have to pay if you are going to park your car for less than 15 minutes there.

You will rarely find free car parks. You can only park for free near large supermarkets and recreation parks. There are parking spaces near hotels but if you don't stay there, you can't park your car, it's monitored by security.

Petrol stations in Turkey

There are many petrol stations both in the city and on the highways. Fuel is slightly more expensive than the European average but of excellent quality.

It's better to have plenty of extra fuel before driving on mountain serpentines because air conditioning and downshifting increase fuel consumption.

Mobile service in Turkey

Local providers, Vodafone, Avea, and Turkcell, offer prepaid plans for tourists. You can buy a SIM card at one of the offices of mobile service providers. Coverage, speed, and rates are about the same. Just avoid buying SIM cards on the street; it's a scam aimed at naive tourists.