Rent a car in Yerevan

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Armenia is the perfect country for independent travellers. We highly recommend to see Ararat, visit a pagan temple, take a ride on the world’s longest aerial tramway Wings of Tatev, book a horseback ride, and try the local cuisine. 

And you can do all this by renting a car in Yerevan. After exploring the capital, you can go on a convenient journey to visit the ancient Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery, Lastiver National Park with its magical gorge and waterfalls, Sevan — one of the most beautiful lakes in the Caucasus, the aerial cableway and Devil’s Bridge, the cave village of Khndzoresk, Shaki Waterfall and, finally, the mountains of Ararat...

Required documents to rent a car in Armenia

  • Category “B” national driving license with transliteration in the Latin alphabet. An IDP is required for American and Canadian driver’s licences.
  • Passport (that you used to enter Armenia).

Car insurance

All rental cars are insured. Depending on the car, the rental cost includes TLP or CDW. All the insurances for a particular car are listed in the “Insurance” section on each car’s booking page. There’s a “?” callout near each insurance option with the details of each type of insurance.

Quality of roads in Armenia

Yerevan is very simple to navigate with numerous clear signposts. But it does have rush hour traffic jams.

The quality of roads is very good in the capital and on the major highways to Sevan, Echmiadzin, and Dilijan. Outside the capital, the quality of roads is going down but the “quality” of landscapes along the roads is going up. Some fifty kilometres from Yerevan, you are already “in a different world”.

Travelling to Georgia

You can go to Georgia by the car you rented in Yerevan. To do this, please contact our customer support at in advance. Prices and conditions for this service may vary depending on the rental company, the car you selected, and the number of days to visit another country.

Traffic regulations in Armenia

  • Standard speed limits are applied within cities (up to 60 km/h) and outside citied (up to 90 km/h). Do not break the speed limit in the capital because there are many cameras on the roads. 
  • The permitted blood alcohol content is 0 ppm.
  • The seat belt is only mandatory for those sitting in the front seats. A child safety seat is required up to the age of 12. 
  • Low beam is mandatory only at night.


There are both underground and surface car parks in Yerevan. You can easily recognise the surface parking areas by the red lines on the pavement. We recommend paying for parking because the police issue fines for unpaid parking very quickly.

Petrol stations

There are many petrol stations in and around the capital that offer fuel of good quality. But outside the capital some petrol stations can unpleasantly surprise you because they look like newspaper stalls and sell petrol of questionable quality in fuel containers. You should avoid filling up at such petrol stations. If you come across a branded petrol station (CPS, Grand Petroleum, Max Group, etc.), make sure to fill up with plenty of fuel. Most petrol stations accept cash.

30.09.2023 21:24

Can I pick up my car in one city and drop it off in another?

Iryna (Localrent)
01.10.2023 11:02

Hello! Yes, sure.

24.05.2023 08:08

Do rental cars have navigation?

Iryna (Localrent)
24.05.2023 16:59

Hello! No, navigation is optional equipment. The rental company will only provide it if this equipment is included in your booking.