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Travelling by car is very interesting and exciting in Armenia. The mountain roads are not too busy and are extremely scenic. The surrounding landscapes just make you stop and take selfies and panoramas of the amazing flat-top mountains.

In Armenia, you can conquer a mountain peak by climbing the highest point of the country — the true ancient Aragats volcano. You can enjoy the views of ancient castles and monasteries, such as the Fortress of Amberd, Khor Virap Monastery in the Ararat Mountains, and the Monastery of Geghard that is partially carved out of the adjacent mountain. There are also pagan shrines like the pagan Temple of Garni dating back to the 1st century AD that was painstakingly reconstructed after the earthquake using the same bricks.

In short, there's a lot to see in Armenia. Your journey will be very unusual and memorable, and you will definitely want to come back here again.

Required documents to rent a car in Armenia


To rent a car on our website you will need: 

  • Category “B” driver’s license
  • The passport you used to enter Armenia.

Car rental pricing policy

The rental price depends on the class of car, rental period, optional insurances and services that you can either select or unselect if you don’t need them.

On our website, you can see the price breakdown before you start booking. The final rental price is fixed in the voucher at the time of booking.

Car rental at Yerevan airport

Zvartnots International Airport is located 12 km from the city centre and can be most conveniently reached by car. You can request car delivery directly to the airport by the time of your arrival.

Quality of roads in Armenia

All major cities are connected by roads of national significance with good pavement. Armenians are not reckless drivers, they drive calmly and politely, but they don’t like to let others overtake them.

The best multilane roads connect Yerevan and the major cities of Ararat, Ashtarak, Echmiadzin, and Sevan. Good roads lead to the cities of Gyumri, Meghri, Armavir, Dilijan, and Vanadzor.

In Armenia, serpentine roads are not too difficult and are very ‘driver-friendly’ but the ascents and descents can be tiring. The Sisian-Kajaran road section is rather difficult. Not dangerous but difficult because of steep climbs and descents.

Travelling abroad by the car rented in Armenia

You can travel to Georgia by rental car but you need to contact the customer support first to do the necessary paperwork. Prices and conditions for travelling abroad may vary depending on the car you selected and the duration of the visit to Georgia.

Traffic regulations in Armenia

  • The speed limits are up to 60 km/h within cities and up to 90 km/h outside citied. There are many cameras on the roads in cities, so you had better respect the speed limits. 
  • Those sitting in the front seats must always buckle up. The police don’t check rear passengers’ seatbelts very rigorously. 
  • Children under 12 years of age must ride in a child safety seat. 
  • You can use your mobile phone while driving only with a hands-free system.
  • Traffic police are strict on drunk drivers.


In Yerevan, most car parks are paid. You can easily recognise a paid car park by the red lines on the pavement. Try to avoid parking your rental car in the wrong places. Otherwise, you will get a fine that is ten times the parking cost.

In Yerevan, you can park for free near some shopping centres and attractions. In other cities, most car parks are free of charge.

Fraudsters. In free car parks near popular attractions, you may encounter people who will tell you that this is a paid parking area and that you need to pay in cash to them. Ask for their IDs. Fraudsters will most probably have no IDs.

Petrol stations

We recommend that you fill up only at large petrol stations, such as CPS, Grand Petrolium, Max Group, etc. You can’t trust the quality of petrol offered in fuel containers at small petrol stations in smaller towns. It’s just a matter of luck, literally.

Most petrol stations accept cash. And they rarely accept card payments. Some petrol stations don’t even have a regular cash register, and all payments are made “from hand to hand”.

Mobile service

In Armenia, the mobile service is provided by Viva-MTS, Team Telecom Armenia, and UCOM. All providers offer good quality service but you can experience service disruptions in the mountains.

You can buy a SIM card at a provider’s store or at the airport. You’ll need your ID or passport to buy a SIM card.

06.10.2023 16:37

Good afternoon! Do your cars have mileage limits? How is mileage counted?

Iryna (Localrent)
06.10.2023 20:52

Hello! It’s different for each car, there are cars with mileage limits and with unlimited mileage. You will see this information when you open the car’s booking page. If your car has a mileage limit, it is the total for the entire rental period, i.e. you can drive more on some days and less on others. Just don’t exceed the total limit.

05.06.2023 12:41

How many drivers can drive free of charge?

Iryna (Localrent)
05.06.2023 18:01

Good afternoon! The rental agreement allows driving for one primary driver. If you want to include a second driver, you need to add to your booking the option “Second driver in agreement”. This option can be offered at no extra cost or at additional charge.

19.01.2023 15:00

Good afternoon. Can I extend my booking?

Iryna (Localrent)
19.01.2023 19:28

Good afternoon! You can extend your order if the car is available. To do this, contact us at hello@localrent, and our customer support team will help you!

26.10.2022 11:05

HelloWhat is your fuel policy?

Iryna (Localrent)
26.10.2022 15:03

Hello! Fuel policy: You must return your rental car with the same amount of fuel you picked it up with. If the amount of fuel is lower, you will pay the difference at the rates of the car rental company. If the amount of fuel is higher, you will not be compensated for the difference.