Car rental in Albania

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Albania is a great destination for those who want to rent a car and have an action-packed vacation.

You can swim in two seas, drive on the fantastic serpentine roads, admire the nearly untouched nature, see rugged mountains, walk around old towns and, of course, enjoy the local organic food.

Choose and book your car on our website. The incredible Albania is waiting for you.

Why rent a car from us


On our website, you will find the best offers from small Albanian rentals sorted by price. So, you can quickly and easily compare the suitable options, read the conditions, and find the best car for its price.

5 benefits of

  1. Accurate prices for rentals, insurance, and optional extras.
  2. Small deposit.
  3. The advance payment on booking is only 15-20%, and you pay the remaining amount after you inspect the car.
  4. Formal agreement with the rental company.
  5. Customer care service is available any day of the week.

For how long to rent a car in Albania

If you are going to Albania for a relaxing vacation on the beach with a few short drives, you can rent a car for 1-2 days. That will be enough to get you around the country’s top attractions.

And if you want to travel around the country with overnight stays at different places, visit unique non-tourist attractions, and swim on different beaches, it's worth booking a car for a week or two.

Which car is suitable for travelling

For the most part, the roads in the country are good and suitable for any car.

A mid-size car is good for everyday trips around the city, to the beaches and nearby attractions. 

For mountain serpentine journeys, it’s best to choose a more powerful car with an engine capacity over 1.6 litres.

If you want to hit the roads with great sea views, wind in your hair, and the endless sky above you, you should rent a convertible. The excitement of this experience will last a long time.

Traffic regulations in Albania


In a country where donkeys are still widely used along with cars for commuting and where there were no road signs until recently, the road traffic will certainly have its peculiarities. 

And the first of them is that local drivers do not always follow the rules strictly. For example, they forget to use their turn signals, overtake at wrong places or stop to chat in the middle of an intersection. But they try to drive in a way that does not interfere with traffic. All you can do about it is be careful and take your time.

Road and prohibited routes in Albania

Most of the roads in the country are in good condition and are constantly upgraded and improved. The main motorways A1, A2, A3 are in excellent condition. The roads are toll-free, except for the toll road from Durrës to Kosovo. In the mountains, the paved roads are slightly worse but also good. They are taken care of.

It is prohibited to drive regular rental cars on unpaved roads.

Apart from the fact that insurance is not applicable in such areas, driving on unpaved roads and roadless terrain is dangerous for both passengers and cars. There are many potholes, rocks, sharp climbs and descents, and rockslides from time to time. 

Parking in Albania

Parking is paid in Tirana, in major tourist cities, and at some popular attractions. 

The city parking rates are 100-200 Lek (~€1-2) per hour. Parking at beaches and attractions will cost you 100-200 Lek (~€1-2) per day.

And you can park for free in all other places.

Petrol stations

In Albania, the quality of fuel varies and depends on the particular petrol station. We recommend that you fill up only at large, modern petrol stations.

Petrol stations are frequent on major highways and in large cities but you need to fill up with plenty of fuel before travelling to remote and mountainous areas.

Where to go by rental car

Just 15 km from the capital is the village of Petrela (Petrelë) with a castle that dates back to the fifth century and is still in good condition. On your way to the village, you will see the remains of its defensive walls. There are amazing olive groves all around. 

Lake Skadar (also called Lake Scutari, Lake Shkodër or Lake Shkodra) is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. You can see it in the city of Shkodër. Not far from there are ruins of the Rozafa Castle built before Christ. And there are some interesting temples within the city. 

In the north of the country is the Valbona Valley National Park. It offers great walks among gorgeous mountain views with caves, waterfalls, and crystal-clear rivers. There are several small water mills on the Valbona River that are still in operation! 

You can visit the city of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the south of the country. The 13th-century castle is well-preserved. There are also many ancient Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques in the area. 

The village of Ksamil, known as the Albanian Seychelles, has the best beaches in the country: clean white sand, clear water, and several uninhabited islands nearby. An uninhabited island with a restaurant is a local highlight.

João Mello
12.02.2024 18:02

Boa tarde, tenho 2 questões? - Um carro alugado na Albânia, pode ir para Montenegro, Kosovo ou Macedónia do Norte? - Posso levar o carro, logo diretamente no Aeroporto de Tirana?

Iryna (Localrent)
13.02.2024 09:05

Olá! Nem todos os carros estão disponíveis para viagens internacionais. Além do aluguel e do depósito, também é cobrada uma taxa de saída (que depende do carro selecionado e das empresas de aluguel com as quais trabalhamos, podendo haver diferentes condições). No filtro, você pode selecionar a opção e o sistema irá oferecer carros com permissão para viagens. Quanto ao local de retirada no aeroporto, é claro que você pode escolher um local conveniente para pegar e devolver o carro na segunda página de reserva. Se precisar de mais suporte, por favor, entre em contato conosco. Nossos contatos:

08.02.2024 09:49

does the Audi Q7(id = 50673 ) has sunroof ?

Iryna (Localrent)
08.02.2024 13:16

Hello! Yes, this car does have a panoramic roof. You can find the current gallery of photos on the car's page.

John King
01.11.2023 23:04

Hello, should I pay for the rental by card or in cash?

Iryna (Localrent)
02.11.2023 08:57

Good morning! It depends on the car you have chosen. The available payment options for the remaining amount are listed on each car’s page in the “Why?” callout next to the information about the advance payment.

14.09.2023 11:08

I would like to rent a car from Tirana airoport and drop it in Sarande .what is a price will be ?

Iryna (Localrent)
14.09.2023 16:30

Hello! Sure, you can choose different pick-up and drop-off cities. In the search bar, enter the city of car pickup/drop off, dates, and necessary filters. Your reservation will include a one-way fee, which is the cost of returning the vehicle to a different city. You can view the one-way fee during the car selection process on the vehicle card under the delivery section. The system will calculate the final and detailed price of your order.

26.02.2023 12:47

how much does it cost to add the second driver?

Iryna (Localrent)
26.02.2023 15:17

Good afternoon! The cost of optional services depends on the car and can be different even for similar cars. On the car’s booking page, you can see the cost breakdown for all options. This is the final cost calculated for the whole rental period.

14.11.2022 11:44

Can I pick up the car at one place and drop it off at another?

Iryna (Localrent)
14.11.2022 14:21

Hello! Yes, sure.

05.10.2022 08:37

What is the latest time I can drop off my car?

Iryna (Localrent)
05.10.2022 12:39

Good afternoon! You select the pick-up and drop-off times yourself when booking your car.